Saturday, 25 July 2015

Outfit: A reason to stay, a reason to go

Black crop top: Dresslink ~ Skirt: DIY ~ Platform heels: Salt and Pepper ~ See-through kimono: H&M

I recently noticed that there was one very important item missing in my wardrobe: a plain, simple black crop top. So I got this one from Dresslink and it's exactly what I had been looking for - very comfy, soft fabric and endless possibilities to wear it. I'm actually wearing it right now while I'm writing this post :D Now the obvious way (I guess) to style this top would be in a casual, grungy way and that's also what I do most of the time. I decided to try something different for this look though and created a more elegant outfit with a couple of grunge elements like the fishnet tights and the platforms. Now some of you might say: "Hey, I have pillows/curtains/dishtowels that look exactly like your skirt!" That's what happened when posted one of my outfits featuring this DIY skirt on their Facebook page :D Yep guys, it's made from IKEA fabric!


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