Monday, 7 September 2015

Travel: Amsterdam

The pie chart sums it up pretty well :D There's more to it though. This was my second trip to Amsterdam and definitely not my last. The first time I went to Amsterdam was in February this year with my friend Alex. We really enjoyed strolling around the busy streets, discovering new stores, taking a boat trip around the city and wandering the famous red light district at night (which is really worth seeing!). If you've never been to Amsterdam and you're intending to go there and visit one of the many, MANY coffee shops - do it with someone who knows what they're doing and don't overdo it. Make sure you don't get lost in a foreign city.

So now that we have this out of the way... Amsterdam is a great place for shopping. I walked through the main shopping streets like Kalverstraat and Haarlemmerdijk on my first day. Funnily enough I ran into fellow blogger Christian Chou first thing on Monday morning at Urban Outfitters xD As we were planning to meet up anyway though it was super convenient and we had a really great dinner at Thai Phutakun that night.
Apart from the main shopping streets there are lots of smaller shops and super amazing vintage shops. I spent hours trying on stuff at Zipper and episode where I got the vintage boho maxi skirt of my dreams <3 (there will be photos at some point, don't worry ;)). If that's what you're into you should head to the "Nine Streets" in the west of the city centre.
That's also where I discovered Burgerlijk, an amazing little burger bar with ridiculoudly good burgers. It was great for me as a vegetarian as you can choose your own ingredients (other restaurants often only have 1 veggie burger on the menu). My favourite toppings were the red onion compote and the homemade truffle mayo. Don't forget to get some insanely delicious homemade fries with homemade (!) ketchup. You'll never want to eat regular ketchup again.

On my last day I went to the van Gogh museum as I wanted to go there for a very long time. Be sure to buy your tickets online in advance as it saves you hours (!) of waiting in line. Also, if you're like me and you like to really take your time to look at pictures and take in all the impressions don't go later than 3 pm. I went at 4 pm and the museum closed at 6 and I really felt a bit rushed. I enjoyed the experience though :)
In general Amsterdam might be a little confusing. If you look on the map you'll understand why - it's this polygon-like shape with it's many identical looking canals. But it's also a very beautiful city with its house boats and bridges and heaps of very beautiful, lovely people :)



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