Monday, 26 October 2015

Outfit: Pleasures remain, so does the pain

Headband: YOINS ~ Fringed top: DealSale (App) Item no: SV020223_B ~ Red velvet skirt: DIY, similar here ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platforms: Vagabond

OMG she's not wearing a hat! :D Only few people know that I actually love headbands (except for the fact that my many ear piercings might get caught in them) because my ears start hurting pretty quickly in cold weather. So I got this lovely red one from YOINS and I'm already looking forward to the snug feeling around my ears in winter *.* It perfectly matches the red velvet skirt I sewed myself two years ago. It's one of my favourite items for the cooler season because it looks so festive and goes well with other winter materials like knitwear. Sewing velvet is a pain in the ass but it was worth it as the skirt is one of those timeless pieces that are gonna stay in my wardrobe for ages and ages. And then of course: fringing! There is simply no way around it this season. So I got this beautiful fringed knit top from DealSale. Now DealSale isn't an actual online shop but an app (available for Android and iOS). At first I was really sceptical about shopping via an app but eventually I kind of liked turning off the computer and the lights and just lying in bed shopping on the phone :D The material of this top is really soft and it's an item that goes with just about anything while adding an interesting element through the fringe detail. The days are getting warmer again (I actually knew this would be happening as Halloween has always been a lovely, warm, sunny day here :D) so I enjoy being able to rock all those cute autumn looks before faux fur coat time starts once again.

What are you guys up to this week? There's so much going on here at the moment -  I was lucky enough to get free tickets to a huge trade fair in Nuremberg about food, living, pets, art etc and that's where I'm totally gonna spend my day tomorrow. Then there will be uni parties and medieval costume parties and of course Halloween and an exciting mystery project I'm currently working on in cooperation with - stay tuned!


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