Saturday, 18 June 2016

Outfit: You're what's left, you're what's right

Allison Futura wig: uniwigs ~ Leather jacket: borrowed ~ Floral print jumpsuit: SheIn ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Necklaces: market & vintage ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann
Photos taken with Canon EOS600D

Yay, guess what, I managed to shoot a look during the 5 minutes without rain we get per day. I always wanted an oversized jacket like this one so I wish it was mine... which it unfortunately isn't :P It looks so cool though and keeps me warm during those cold June nights. It's so sad I have to write this...
The floral print jumpsuit is an all-time fav of mine that I got in 2014. Apart from the usual problems with jumpsuits (like that they make going to the bathroom take 20 minutes) it is an item that's suitable for so many occasions from partying to having dinner with friends. I love how the pinkish color of the roses matches my wig even better than my natural hair so I just couldn't resist wearing those two together :D
Now I don't know if there's still that much controversy about socks in sandals but I absolutely love this look as long as it looks fashionable and not like... you know... a middle-aged half-bald German tourist :D No offence :D

So what else is new? As I mentioned before it's finals time for me again until July 19th. So up until then there won't be as many posts as usual - sorry sorry. However, I have something HUGE in mind after that. And by huge I mean really huge. So thanks already to all the lovely people who took part in my little usability tests and to my followers who asked for more travel / lifestyle themed posts... no spoilers though ;)

Stay tuned everyone and have a fantastic weekend!


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