Friday, 5 August 2016

Outfit: ...and your face nowhere in the crowd

Black Drawstring Blouse: Dezzal ~ Distressed (diy) jeans: H&M ~ Cuff bracelet: Staceyjewellery ~ Choker: Dresslink

Heeeello everyone!
Today's look was a bit of a challenge for me. Sometimes I get a new item and I just instantly know how I wanna style it - actually that's what usually happens. But not with this beautiful asymmetric drawstring blouse. I'd had my eye on it over at for quite a while until I eventually got it. I love the asymmetric cut and it's super comfy as it's actually the opposite of the shorts of death :D I ordered the smallest size and it's still sooo comfy and has a pretty loose fit. However, I just couldn't figure out how to wear this blouse. There are actually three completely different versions of this look sitting on my hard drive now because I simply wasn't satisfied with the other two. So glad I eventually realized this blouse HAD to go with my distressed denim pants. As the blouse has a pretty loose fit I wanted to go for very fitted pants to balance the silhouette. Also, the rather formal looking blouse creates a great contrast with the distressed denim. And finally it felt right :D As for accessories I added this beautiful mixed metals cuff bracelet from Staceyjewellery.

As you know I have tiny wrists so I love adjustable bracelets like this one. It's also pretty versatile as it can be worn with silver as well as gold jewelry and can go with a formal as well as a casual look. I'm a huge fan of those trusty accessories that you can just pop on and leave and they'll go with anything.
I wanted to follow through with the round shape theme in my jewelry and added my beloved choker you already saw in quite a few other posts.

What are you guys up to on the weekend? I'll have something very special coming up - the long awaited reunion with my psycho sisters (well... that's my girls I studied psychology with back in the day :D). My next post will be up on Sunday night!


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