Thursday, 22 September 2016

Outfit: Spirit Summer

 Dreamcatcher top: Wholesale7 ~ Bell bottoms: Boohoo ~ Boots: HUMANIC ~ Dreamcatcher necklace: Zaful ~ Choker: Zaful ~ Ring: Wholesale7

Those of you who are following my Instagram know I've been trying to shoot this look for a while now but couldn't due to rain :/ Yesterday the weather was more in my favor though so I grabbed my camera and set out to the lake.
I already talked in my last post about why I love the dreamcatcher symbol so much and what it means to me. So it's not surprising I got this dreamcatcher top. It inspired me to create an entire black and white boho look which is one of my fav things to do. It combines my fav clothing style with my fav "color" combo. You can't really wear a bra underneath this top but that's alright, at least for lazy Indian summer days. I wear these gorgeous bell bottoms far too little actually. They are the perfect match for this top. As the look is black and white I felt it would still be okay to have more patterns going on. I love how the shape of the pants mirrors the triangle shape in the dreamcatcher print while the necklace and the ring mirror the round shape in the print. I'm always amazed how something that looks pleasant to the eye often also matches geometrically.

I also felt it was time to dig out the temporary tattoos again. There is no way around them when creating a true boho look :D I would love to get a real tattoo but I simply can't decide.
This look also has a little back story: what looks like the raw wilderness of a national park in the background is actually a construction site at the lake near my house. Now obviously this is the perfect place to shoot for me but it's fenced and nobody's allowed in there. It's a very dangerous place, you know, with grass and trees and stuff. I had climbed in there several times already but this time I was caught by municipal workers. One of them told me to come to the fence and I was already a bit scared. Then he just told me I ACTUALLY shouldn't go in there and went on to asking whether I'm a model or a photography student. He really seemed pretty curious about my work and even allowed me to stay in the fenced area for a couple more minutes to finish shooting the look :D Not sure if I should risk it again though...


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