Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Outfit: Don't know much geometry

Black slit midi dress: Dezzal ~ Retro Grid Ankle Socks: YOINS ~ Backpack: Zaful ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ 3D printed bison skull necklace: The rogue + The wolf ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D

Inspired by my geometry exam on July 18th I decided to share this look with you :D Yeah, it's weird which areas of my life influence my outfits... Anyway - did you know the shop Well, I didn't until very recently. And then things got out of hand somehow... I basically fell in love with their entire range of clothes as they are so different from what I had seen in other online shops lately. The items already looked so high quality in the pictures and I basically haven't been wearing anything else ever since their package arrived. I never thought a midi dress would suit me but then I saw one of my favorite YouTubers wear one and started rethinking :D Getting this dress was definitely a good investment as it is a very versatile piece that also looks very modern and grown-up. Of course I'd always wear platforms and/or heels with this type of dress as flats would make me look too short. We were lucky enough to get a bit of sun yesterday (it was my sister's birthday :3) so I decided to go barelegged. However, I felt like these geometric socks from YOINS were simply made to be worn with this dress. I had this outfit in mind the instant I opened the packages. I generally love having a little extra eyecatcher like cute socks or tights and as you all know I'm a massive fan of the socks + sandals combo :D The geometric print makes the otherwise all-black outfit a whole lot more interesting while still fitting in perfectly colorwise. This is a great example of how spending less than 4 bucks on an accessory can enhance your entire look. The backpack I already showed you before - we've been inseparable ever since, just as predicted :D In case you need a great backpack for uni / work / hand luggage / whatever you should consider getting it :)

What do you think? Midi dresses - yay or nay?


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  1. Midi dresses always a yay!