Thursday, 7 May 2015

Outfit: Kiss me before nightfall

Hat: H&M ~ Crop top: Valley girl (New Zealand) ~ Skirt: H&M ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M ~ Boots: HUMANIC ~ Unicorn necklace: gift from my sister <3

When I put up some stuff for sale on Vinted recently I noticed that I was trying to sell this purpleish black crop top I got in New Zealand two years ago. And I have absolutely no clue why. Sometimes Past-Liza did things Present-Liza does not understand. I deleted it right away and started wearing it again. It's probably gonna be one of my faves this summer and I can't wait for all those BBQs and summer parties to wear it! The boots make the whole look super comfy so with this outfit I'm ready for any surprise changes in my plans. I never really got why some people think black isn't appropriate/suitable for summer. When I was younger I was (on some social platform) member of the group "I wear black to draw light's attention" - and there's plenty of light in summer :) 
My sister told me recently that I look like a solar eclipse when wearing this black hat. Absolutely love this odd metaphor :D


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