Friday, 31 July 2015

Outfit: The only boy who could ever teach me

Black velvet skater dress: StyleMoi ~ White collar: DIY ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform boots: Demonia ~ Necklaces: Regalrose

To be honest... I have absolutely NO clue why I didn't get this velvet dress earlier. It's absolutely perfect and the moment I saw it I instantly had an idea how to style it. With the white DIY collar and the ruffled socks it has this Sunday school look to it which is balanced out by the length (= shortness) of the skirt and the fishnet tights.
Cute + sexy is a very powerful mixture when it comes to combining different styles and probably the one that requires the most consideration. You know you've done it right when people are like... "Oh wow, that look is so sexy! But wait... why? Lots of cleavage? No. Lots of naked skin? No. Super tight fit? No. High heels? No. ... Weird."
This look will most definitely accompany me on many (weekend) trips abroad as it looks so "complete" and put together without taking a lot of space. Just this dress and accessories, that's it.


Thursday, 30 July 2015

Outfit: A summer night fairytale

Knitted jumper: Dressgal ~ Fairy dress (old!): Forever 21 ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform heels: Jeffrey Campbell

I really wish I had more occasions to wear outfits like this one. It's for all those magical never ending summer nights spent outside under the starry sky :) This fairy dress has been one of my favourites for a very long time. I got it 8 years ago on a student exchange to the US and when I first saw it I thought... I just found the PERFECTESTEST dress ever. And I needed to get it.
I love the combo of this delicate dress and the knitted jumper as it prevents the whole outfit from looking too much like a fairy costume. It's also great when the summer night gets a little cooler and you just need to throw something on that still doesn't destroy the look like a hoodie or something might (might!).


Outfit: Built from dust and shadows

Danger tote bag: Fiorella ~ Crop top: Dresslink ~ Distressed high waist shorts: Newdress ~ Oversized denim jacket: Brick Lane Market, London ~ Platform boots: Demonia

I spotted this tote bag a while ago in a photo and it was love at first sight. I was so happy when I could get my hands on it when ordering a couple of items from Fiorella. This is actually one of my fav outfits for cooler days or those days that can't really decide whether they're hot or cold. Also, it's very very comfy and effortless but will still get you heaps of stares.
I'm so glad I got this oversized denim jacket on my last trip to London. I wanted to get the perfect denim jacket for ages and tried on so many until I eventually found this one <3


Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Outfit: We don't need no thought control

The wall top: Fiorella ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M ~ Black maxi skirt: Dressgal ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Shoes: Salt and Pepper

I almost died when I spotted this The Wall top at Fiorella. The Wall is one of my fav albums so I just had to get this top. I already had the perfect combo in mind when I ordered it - pairing this band tee with a faux leather jacket for some rock n' roll vibes and a long skirt, ruffled socks and platform heels for a feminine and witchy twist. This outfit is just so clean, flawless and badass that I'd probably consider it one of my favourite outfits so far :)

By the way, this The Wall top isn't my first Pink Floyd top :3

Monday, 27 July 2015

Outfit: Wish that I could be like the cool kids

Addicted crop top: Fiorella ~ Mesh kimono: Dressgal ~ Denim skater skirt: H&M ~ Socks: Fiorella ~ Platform sandals: Fiorella

I am absolutely in love with this crop top. Although and because people are always staring whenever I'm wearing it :D No, seriously, I don't even do drugs. I'd always invest my money in awesome clothes instead. I just really really like the creativity behind the design. The top is from Fiorella Shop and they just have the most amazing items and the loveliest staff :) After I ordered some items I drove my surroundings crazy by constantly talking about the order and the awesome stuff I got :D
I didn’t want the look to get too sporty so I chose to wear a short skirt and those absolutely amazing fantastic white platform sandals. I dreamed of white platforms for ages and this is the very first pair I got *.* Despite their height they are extremely comfy.
The mesh kimono is from Dressgal and it’s another item I longed to get for a long time. It’s the perfect choice in summer when just wearing a top is a little too boring while wearing a jacket/kimono/cardigan is a little too hot. I thought it matched the badass attitude of this outfit :3


Saturday, 25 July 2015

Outfit: A reason to stay, a reason to go

Black crop top: Dresslink ~ Skirt: DIY ~ Platform heels: Salt and Pepper ~ See-through kimono: H&M

I recently noticed that there was one very important item missing in my wardrobe: a plain, simple black crop top. So I got this one from Dresslink and it's exactly what I had been looking for - very comfy, soft fabric and endless possibilities to wear it. I'm actually wearing it right now while I'm writing this post :D Now the obvious way (I guess) to style this top would be in a casual, grungy way and that's also what I do most of the time. I decided to try something different for this look though and created a more elegant outfit with a couple of grunge elements like the fishnet tights and the platforms. Now some of you might say: "Hey, I have pillows/curtains/dishtowels that look exactly like your skirt!" That's what happened when posted one of my outfits featuring this DIY skirt on their Facebook page :D Yep guys, it's made from IKEA fabric!


Outfit: I am what's left of the youth

Distressed denim pants: Dresslink ~ Tassels crop top: Dresslink ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

So there was this lecturer guy at my uni... I actually don't wanna talk about him anymore but he was the one who made me fall in love with distressed denim because he didn't wear anything else ever. To be honest I completely lost interest in undistressed denim. If I am for some reason forced to buy a regular pair of jeans I distress them myself at home with scissors and tweezers :D Now many people, including my own dad of course, don't understand why I would pay money for something that is technically already destroyed. Well, I guess it's human nature to want what we don't have. And the rich, well-fed, well-protected 90s kids from Rainbowunicornpokemonland just crave destruction and rawness. At least in their fashion, movies and video games. Making nice looking clothes look nice is like fishing in a goldfish bowl. Making destroyed garments look awesome and interesting - that's the real challenge. Enough philosophy for today. I love to pair distressed pants with delicate lace tights and heels for a bit of contrast. The light top with tassels adds a bit of a beachy feel while the faux leather jacket and the hat bring the look back to it's rock n' roll kind of vibe. You know, I love outfits that can't be pigeonholed. This is an outfit that can easily be dressed up or down depending on what your plans are by exchanging the heels for flats, the crop top for a band tee, the leather jacket for a boho jacket and so on. The possibilities are endless ;)


Friday, 24 July 2015

Outfit: What's killing us inside

Bitch craft crop top; Killstar ~ School girl skirt: DIY ~ Backpack: Tally Weijl ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

I had been obsessing over this Bitch craft crop top for a long time when I finally got it in the Black Friday sale at Killstar. Rebelcircus shared this outfit on their Instagram captioning it with: "Bitchcraft - the art of pissing people off while smiling sweetly." I really liked this :D I would love to wear this top far more often but then again I'm always unsure if people in Germany will get the pun. They will probably just read "bitch". Of course a top that says bitchcraft has to be paired with the most innocent school girl skirt and white ruffled socks. And they have to be paired with distressed tights and platform heels. As you guys know I'm the biggest fan of clashing different styles. The skirt was a DIY project of mum and me - we've been sewing heaps of skirts together. My mum even has a stencil that says  "Liza skirt" :D


Outfit: We're all mad here

Cat t-shirt: Brat&Suzie ~ Black skirt: H&M ~ See-through skirt: Topshop ~ Kitty purse: H&M ~ Kitty velvet choker: Etsy ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Kitty cat: not for sale

Today I have the honor of introducing you to my cute little shooting partner who turned out to be a very talented and patient model :3
For a very long time I was very much against those “XY made me do it” prints. I just saw them way too often and most of them just bored me. Yep, we all got that Coco made you do it - can we just move on now? Then I saw this one and changed my mind. Just because this cute little fellow really has the ability to make me do things I wouldn’t do for anyone else. It’s some kind of magic power cats possess naturally I guess :D Anyway, this lovely t-shirt is from and I guess it’s a must-have for cat-lovers like myself.
I decided to follow through with the cat lady theme and paired it with two (!) witchy skirts, a hat and, of course,with my muchly loved kitty purse and kitty velvet choker. Still, with this colourful print t-shirt the outfit doesn’t look too dark or serious.


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Outfit: Cat of the Canals

Distressed cat jumper: Dresslink ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Iridescent platforms: Vagabond

I wanted to get this distressed kitty sweater for such a long time (I'm a total cat person) and I absolutely don't regret it. It's super light and therefore the perfect choice for spring and autumn days, cool summer mornings/nights or cloudy days. Absolutely love the distressed details as they make the whole item just a little bit more interesting. The Vagabond shoes with iridescent toecaps were love at first sight. I went to a store with a friend who wanted to get some sandals and I wasn't intending to buy anything. (It always starts like this... :D) Then I saw these babies. I told myself that it's early summer and therefore far too warm for them. I told myself that I already have several pairs of similar shoes but...  to no avail. I tried them on and they looked as if I were born in them. They were also 30% off. The staff laughed about me and my moral dilemma but yeah... here I am wearing them and they're just perfect. They also go very well with my beloved ruffled socks from Topshop that just add a little extra to plain tights.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Outfit: Like an angel in disguise

Three foxes sweater: Brat and Suzie ~ Fake collar: DIY ~ Distressed leggings: Dresslink ~ Asymmetric blouse: H&M ~ Platform heels: Salt and Pepper

Remember that 2013 song about the fox? Yeah... hence the title :) And if that song's stuck in your head now... .... you're welcome :D Got this absolutely adorable fox sweater from Brat&Suzie which is a shop you should definitely check out if you're into unique designs and high quality fabric. Although the print is kinda outstanding the sweater still goes with many different outfits. And I mean seriously - have you seen how these little guys are looking at you?
The leggings are one of my fav items. They are your everyday plain black leggings with a twist and look so much more interesting than regular ones. I'm wearing these so so often as they are super versatile. Pair them with a long sweater for classes or with fishnet or lace tights underneath to dress them up. There are endless possibilities to style them.


Outfit: With my tiny little hands I'm building castles in the sand

Kimono: ~ Fringe crop top: C&A ~ Ruffled shorts: swapped ~ Platform sandals: River Island

Hi lovelies <3

This is not one of my usual colour combos but I still like it. This outfit is a perfect combo of witchy and gypsy elements. When I spotted the fringed crop top I knew this would go with just about any summer outfit so I had to get it. The beautiful lace kimono is from LalaLiLo and it's THE item that comes in handy when the evening gets a little cooler or you just need to spice up a plain top. No - the kimono and the shorts (it's actually not a skirt) did not come as a set. I was pretty surprised myself when I realized they match perfectly. I was never much of a kimono person and I only have a few but I got interested in kimonos recently as there are so many beautiful styles to choose from. So I'll probably keep an eye on them and get some in the near future :)


Friday, 17 July 2015

Outfit: Our shelter is the open sky

Compass crop top: Tally Weijl ~ Galaxy skirt: Lalalilo ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

I actually think it's a bit of a pity that the galaxy print was such a massive trend a while ago. Many people just grew tired of it over time. Which is sad, as I absolutely love this print and always have - even before it was cool :D Therefore I'll keep wearing it and maybe in a couple of years this stunning pattern can stage a comeback when people have recovered. The crop top was an impulse purchase at Tally Weijl that I absolutely didn't regret. You can never have enough black crop tops anyway and as you guys probably know I'm a restless traveller. Therefore the compass is just the perfect print for me. I'm actually thinking about getting a compass tattoo at the back of the neck in autumn but I'm still indecisive about what it will look like exactly. You'll get to see it though as soon as it's done :)
Once someone mentioned that she always thought those see-through socks were for old ladies only but I actually love them to bits as they are a great way to rock the schoolgirl/overknee socks/whatever look even when it's too hot to wear actual socks. And they go so well with sandals <3


Thursday, 16 July 2015

Outfit: Dark wings, dark words

Crochet crop top: Newdress  ~ Distressed high waist shorts: Newdress ~ Asymmetric blouse: H&M ~ Platform sandals: River Island

These are my fav shorts at the moment as it's super hard for me to find distressed high waist shorts that look awesome but are still comfy. I'm literally wearing this pair from Newdress everywhere and all the time. High waist shorts + crochet tops are one of my favourite combos for summer as they have this beachy look to them. What if you're not headed for the beach though? I decided to pair them with tights, an asymmetric blouse from H&M and my black hat to add some witchy vibes. Never heard of the dreaded beach witches? They attack at night and steal handsome topless boys from beach parties :P