Thursday, 25 August 2016

Outfit: Gone for good this time

Triangle pearl earrings: Staceyjewellery ~ Velvet turtleneck: New Yorker ~ High waist skirt: DIY ~ Belt: vintage ~ Belt bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

So if you actually remember the 2014 outfit I revived here - thank you so much for your ongoing support :3 I decided to give this look a bit of a 2016 update. This is something I love to do every now and then just to trace the development of my looks over time and give myself an anchor point to create something new. My fav thing about this outfit is that it strikes a balance between grown-up and playful. The beautiful triangle shaped earrings I already showed you in this post are definitely more on the grown-up side while the ruffled skirt and the socks + sandals combo give the outfit a cute youthful twist. Now you might say... wait, my pillow/curtain/tablecloth looks exactly like your skirt! Yeah well, it does because the skirt is sewn from fabric we got at IKEA :D My mum thought it would make a great skirt and I agreed so this happened. When Lookbook featured the outfit on their Facebook page two years ago the discussion about the IKEA fabric in the comments was hilarious :D

Which version of the outfit do you like better and why?


Sunday, 21 August 2016

Outfit: The urban bohemian

Paisley crop top: Boohoo ~ Black jeans: Zara ~ Black platform boots: Schuhtempel24 ~ Choker: Zaful

This look pretty much represents my favorite kind of style at the moment. I've always been in love with black and white and pairing this (non-)color combo with boho elements is something I find very interesting. When it comes to boho style elements the colors of choice would usually be earth tones or bright vibrant colors. Mixing the current boho and minimalism trends is therefore something I'm really excited about as they almost seem contradictory. So here we have a hat, choker, moon necklace and a b/w paisley bell sleeve crop top for the boho part. I got this top quite a while ago but never got around to including it in a blog post. I paired these items with some grown-up black denim and my brand new platform chelsea boots. I got them recently at Schuhtempel24 where I also got my beloved iridiscent platform sandals last year. I got these chelsea boots because pretty much all of my other boots are lace-up boots while you can just slip into these beauties and leave. They fit really well as they run very true to size. Those boots are gonna be amazing companions for the autumn days to come! Just a little tip in case you're interested in getting them: make sure to follow Schuhtempel24 on Facebook as they have regular promotions with up to 40% off.

So what do you guys think? Do minimalism and boho go together?

Oh and guess what everyone :) My internship semester starts in October which means I'll start working for a company as a... .... blogger! Finally being able to blog as a real actual paid job is a huge dream come true for me - so excited :)


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Outfit: Let's hit the road, Jack!

Zipper design mesh jacket: Dezzal ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat ~ Platforms: Salt and Pepper ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings

I know, I know - I said I don't want my outfits to look like motorcycle gear. But then again, this mesh jacket and my favourite faux leather pants just match perfectly... I can't help it. I think there are pretty much two great options to wear this jacket: You could either go for an all-black all-badass look like I did here or you could try to tone it down by pairing it with a feminine skirt or lace dress. I prefer the all-black version at the moment which many people find a little odd as it's summer but hey... who said black wasn't a summer color? Obviously this look wouldn't be a good choice for a hot summer day but it's great for a night out as the mesh jacket isn't too warm. Also, I kind of already started ordering autumn items as it sometimes takes them a while to arrive. By the way - luckily the weather has recovered and what's going on outside counts as summer again ;)

That's it for today - how would you guys wear this jacket? Let me know!


Friday, 12 August 2016

Outfit: Harvest moon

Paisley print skirt: Zaful ~ Oversized sweater: Supré ~ Autumn leaves earrings: Zaful ~ Moon choker: Twirly Trinkets ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platforms: Deichmann

Yeah, this is tough but let's face it guys: this is an autumn outfit. Because in fact what's going on outside my window is NOT summer (the day I shot this outfit was cold but still a lot nicer actually). It's so depressing how winter in Brazil or Australia is so much warmer than our summer. But yeah...

I've been obsessing over this paisley print skirt for a long time (it was actually on one of my wishlists :3) so I finally decided to get it. I love the print and the colors so much it'll definitely be one of my fav pieces this autumn. I instantly knew how I wanted to wear this skirt and what I wanted to pair it with. When I took a closer look I realized that this is pretty much the autumn version of my V-Day look. It's actually kinda creepy because AGAIN I went to my place and forgot my memory card, AGAIN I shot this look at my parents' house and AGAIN I went for the skirt + belt + sweater/jacket + overknee socks outfit formula. As I mentioned in my V-Day post this combo just always works and I love it with this oversized sweater. If I had to choose my favorite kind of autumn outfit I'd definitely go for a super cozy warm sweater, a skirt and warm socks or tights (depending on the temperature) as it looks put together and a lot more interesting than what I usually see in the streets in autumn.
Now as always I didn't manage to take good pictures of my earrings while they were on my ears but here they are.

I am so in love with the morbid decaying look they have to them. I mean, everyone makes flower or feather or leaf earrings but nobody makes decaying leaf earrings ... well, Zaful do! They are the perfect match for an autumn outfit especially if you wanna express a lot of dark sarcasm about how summer totally let you down this year :D Alright, let's look at the bright side again :)

Have an awesome weekend adventurers!


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Outfit: The Godfather

Black side slit coat: Dezzal ~ White shirt dress: SheIn similar here ~ Triangle necklace: Staceyjewellery ~ Triangle earrings: Staceyjewellery ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

The idea for this outfit just... struck me somehow. I didn't have to try items on and play around with them - I just threw them on and everything seemed to match. While I generally have awfully many clothes there's a massive shortage in my closet when it comes to outerwear (probably because jackets and coats are usually more expensive than tank tops and skirts). Especially for "medium-cold" nights like cooler summer or warmer autumn nights that require a light jacket there's almost nothing in my wardrobe. So I thought this light coat was a super fab addition to my pretty much non-existent outerwear collection. What I love about it is that it's actually a coat for summer and I never owned anything like this before. It looks like a coat - just lighter, it looks like a blazer - just longer. I already wore it twice when I was out and about with my girls last weekend and it felt like this coat upgraded my entire outfit. Also, you can obviously wear it for formal occasions but it can totally do casual as well with rolled up sleeves, some shorts and/or some platforms or sneakers (I could SO imagine this coat with those black and white Nike sneakers everyone's currently wearing). Following through with the "blazer, just longer" theme I added a white shirt - just longer. The white shirt dress is an old fav of mine. There are similar ones out there though that'll work just fine with this look :) As for jewelry I opted for something that absolutely fit in with the clean black and white look I created here. I got a matching necklace + earrings set at Stacey where I also got the mixed metals cuff bracelet I showed you recently.

I'm actually wearing both the necklace and the earrings in this look but I'm so so bad at taking proper pictures of my own ears :D So here they are :) The pieces are minimalist enough to go with many different looks but still have the little pearl as an eyecatcher. They complete the look without dominating it which is an attribute I'm definitely looking for in jewelry. Also, I love how this set of three triangle pieces again creates a visual triangle between my ears and my neck :) People usually don't consciously notice things like that but they still perceive that the look appears well-balanced.

Have a great week everyone! Remember, you're still in for a massive surprise ;)


Sunday, 7 August 2016

Outfit: North-Northwest

Embroidered blouse: Dezzal ~ Compass crop top: Tally Weijl ~ Ombre shorts: second hand ~ Platform boots: Demonia

Hi everyone!
Hope your weekend was super fab :) I have a lot of old faves for you today, the only new item is this beautiful blouse with lace details. Now you could obviously wear this blouse with some formal pants, jeans or leggings to create a versatile look suitable for work, having dinner with friends or family and so on. As I created quite a few formal / rather minimalist looks lately I decided to do something different here though. I wanted to give the blouse the look of a light jacket or caridgan as part of a fun, laid-back outfit. Whenever you're opting for this kind of style you're lucky as there is something like an "outfit formula" to create a variety of outfits that always work. The combo high waist shorts + fav top (crop top, band tee...) + jacket / cardigan is always comfy and creates a flattering silhouette. Some platforms make the look a bit grungier. Pop on your fav piece of jewelry as well as a cute hair accessory and you're totally good to go. Once you've put together a look like this you can easily switch one or more of the items and create a whole bunch of outfits without putting too much effort into it. Feel free to add a little more color than I did here :D I just felt like recreating the colors of the stormy sea to go with the compass top. And of course one of my favorite material combos is making an appearance again here - lace and distressed denim :)

Do you guys have "outfit formulas" as well? What's the look that always works for you?


Friday, 5 August 2016

Outfit: ...and your face nowhere in the crowd

Black Drawstring Blouse: Dezzal ~ Distressed (diy) jeans: H&M ~ Cuff bracelet: Staceyjewellery ~ Choker: Dresslink

Heeeello everyone!
Today's look was a bit of a challenge for me. Sometimes I get a new item and I just instantly know how I wanna style it - actually that's what usually happens. But not with this beautiful asymmetric drawstring blouse. I'd had my eye on it over at for quite a while until I eventually got it. I love the asymmetric cut and it's super comfy as it's actually the opposite of the shorts of death :D I ordered the smallest size and it's still sooo comfy and has a pretty loose fit. However, I just couldn't figure out how to wear this blouse. There are actually three completely different versions of this look sitting on my hard drive now because I simply wasn't satisfied with the other two. So glad I eventually realized this blouse HAD to go with my distressed denim pants. As the blouse has a pretty loose fit I wanted to go for very fitted pants to balance the silhouette. Also, the rather formal looking blouse creates a great contrast with the distressed denim. And finally it felt right :D As for accessories I added this beautiful mixed metals cuff bracelet from Staceyjewellery.

As you know I have tiny wrists so I love adjustable bracelets like this one. It's also pretty versatile as it can be worn with silver as well as gold jewelry and can go with a formal as well as a casual look. I'm a huge fan of those trusty accessories that you can just pop on and leave and they'll go with anything.
I wanted to follow through with the round shape theme in my jewelry and added my beloved choker you already saw in quite a few other posts.

What are you guys up to on the weekend? I'll have something very special coming up - the long awaited reunion with my psycho sisters (well... that's my girls I studied psychology with back in the day :D). My next post will be up on Sunday night!


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Outfit: Within the sound of silence

Long paisley print blouse: Zaful ~ Choker: Zaful ~ Lace shorts: CNDirect ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platform boots: River Island

Welcome back adventurers!
Today I'd like to show you the outfit I wore on Saturday when I went shopping with a friend :) The eyecatcher of this look is definitely the long black blouse with a subtle dark blue paisley print. The blouse is transparent so I threw on a black top and one of my fav pairs of shorts underneath to be able to wear it as a dress. It has this long slit on each side so wearing lace shorts that peek through every now and again even makes the whole look more interesting. I added my fav vintage belt to create a bit of a waistline. I got the River Island boots second hand on a market and I love the buckle detail :) As for jewelry I decided to wear the choker I showed you in this look. I wanted to keep the look black as it brings out the subtle paisley print a lot more. This is definitely one of those great out-and-about outfits. It's still comfy but you'll definitely look like you put a lot of effort into this outfit. It has some gothic-ey vibes to it but still looks modern, clean and very put together.

Have a great week everyone!