Monday, 26 October 2015

Outfit: Pleasures remain, so does the pain

Headband: YOINS ~ Fringed top: DealSale (App) Item no: SV020223_B ~ Red velvet skirt: DIY, similar here ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platforms: Vagabond

OMG she's not wearing a hat! :D Only few people know that I actually love headbands (except for the fact that my many ear piercings might get caught in them) because my ears start hurting pretty quickly in cold weather. So I got this lovely red one from YOINS and I'm already looking forward to the snug feeling around my ears in winter *.* It perfectly matches the red velvet skirt I sewed myself two years ago. It's one of my favourite items for the cooler season because it looks so festive and goes well with other winter materials like knitwear. Sewing velvet is a pain in the ass but it was worth it as the skirt is one of those timeless pieces that are gonna stay in my wardrobe for ages and ages. And then of course: fringing! There is simply no way around it this season. So I got this beautiful fringed knit top from DealSale. Now DealSale isn't an actual online shop but an app (available for Android and iOS). At first I was really sceptical about shopping via an app but eventually I kind of liked turning off the computer and the lights and just lying in bed shopping on the phone :D The material of this top is really soft and it's an item that goes with just about anything while adding an interesting element through the fringe detail. The days are getting warmer again (I actually knew this would be happening as Halloween has always been a lovely, warm, sunny day here :D) so I enjoy being able to rock all those cute autumn looks before faux fur coat time starts once again.

What are you guys up to this week? There's so much going on here at the moment -  I was lucky enough to get free tickets to a huge trade fair in Nuremberg about food, living, pets, art etc and that's where I'm totally gonna spend my day tomorrow. Then there will be uni parties and medieval costume parties and of course Halloween and an exciting mystery project I'm currently working on in cooperation with - stay tuned!


Friday, 23 October 2015

Outfit: My sign is vital, my hands are cold

Faux suede fringe jacket: Topshop ~ Pants (!): YOINS ~ Turtleneck top: Orsay (old!) ~ Belt: vintage

Heeeello wonderful people!
Quite a stressful week but here I am with a new outfit post :) In my last post I already introduced you to this fantastic fringe jacket and I really wanted you to see it "in action" :D I wore this outfit to the movies recently and what I love about it is that it's kind of minimalistic and then again it isn't. I often said that I'm not really into the minimalism trend (when it comes to fashion) and that's still true - I like the clean look of these outfits but I still crave something interesting and maybe even a bit imperfect. The little extra twist. So although this look is all black and has a somewhat clean silhouette to it the fringed jacket and the vintage belt add some spice to it.
Now for the pants... yes, those are actually pants. The last time I owned pants like these was probably 15 years ago if I remember correctly. So with all the 90s and 2000s stuff returning I thought it was about time to give them some attention again as well. They're obviously extremely comfy and flowy but they're also a real eye-catcher. Although they're just plain black they get you all the stares because people are like "What's that? Pants? A skirt? A dress? Oh nooo, she already noticed that I'm staring!" :D They're also the perfect item for a day when you're really not sure whether you're in the mood for pants or a skirt or a dress but actually wanna stay in your pyjamas. We all have these days, admit it. The best thing about them though is that they're one of the very few items that are comfy and elegant at the same time. With a classy blouse and some heels I would actually even wear them to the theatre. Thumbs up for versatility!

What's your opinion? Would you wear super wide cut pants? What would you pair them with?

Have a fantastic weekend!


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Newness: Faux Suede Fringe Jacket

Hey adventurers!

Today I wanna show you one of my latest acquisitions because I'm super excited about it! Usually most of my clothes are either impulse buys or "Oh, I need a new (insert item) - go ahead shops, inspire me!" purchases. But every now and then I have a specific item on my mind that I would like to get and I don't quite like this because the chance of being disappointed is high. I might find something similar but the exact item in my head is really just that - in my head.
So with the current fringe trend going on this jacket just suddenly appeared on my mind. And there it was. I like shorter biker style jackets so that's what it had to look like. As I already have a faux leather jacket this time it had to be faux suede. As faux suede often looks cheap though it needed to be really good looking high quality faux suede that looks like real suede. (While wearing real leather is usually a no-no for vegans it's often a bit of a conflicting topic for vegetarians like myself... If there's a good way to avoid real leather I'll go for it.) So faux suede it was and it had to be fringed like a real cowboy jacket. Fringed front, fringed back, fringed sleeves - fringed everything! And because this is me of course it had to be black. Yep. I started searching the entire internet (I'm serious.) but there was no jacket that looked like the one I dreamed of. I kept searching for weeks, kept googleing and polyvoreing but to no avail.
And then suddenly... Topshop. They absolutely killed it with this beauty. I ordered it right away without hesitation and it arrived only 4 short days later. It runs very true to size (I ordered a UK 8) so I am absolutely happy and content with this purchase :) It will be my companion on many autumn adventures for sure! Come back tomorrow for an outfit post featuring this jacket!

What do you guys think of the suede and fringe trend this season? Did you already get some items or is it something you can't warm toward?


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Challenge: Style Reinvention

Notice anything odd about this outfit? No? Well, what if I told you that the entire outfit actually consists of menswear?
I'm not kidding you. When Farfetch invited me to take part in their Style Reinvention challenge I was absolutely thrilled. The task: create a girl's outfit. The twist: I was only allowed to use items from the menswear section except for one single womenswear item. This is the result. Except for the shoes, my one single womenswear item, everything you see is actually menswear.
At first I wasn't quite sure how to start. Boyfriend jeans probably would've been the obvious choice for such a challenge but I generally don't feel like going with the obvious. So I decided to simply create an outfit I would love to wear myself on one of October's foggy days.
As per usual my base colour is black as it's versatile and classy and I decided to add some autumn-y berry tones. A fluffy sweater to wrap up in is definitely one of my fall must-haves. The asymmetric coat was love at first sight - I would totally get it if I were rich and famous :D Instead of a necklace I decided to add a scarf that matches the jumper. I followed through with the colour theme in the clutch, watch and statement ring. Then I added a studded belt and studded bracelet for a little contrast to tone down the pink fluffiness a bit. And then of course my signature piece - the fedora hat. No autumn outfit is complete without it <3
When I chose my one single womenswear item I decided to go with these badass metal tip boots as heels are the little something that adds instant femininity to ANY outfit. In this case it wouldn't even have been necessary though as the whole outfit is totally ready to be pulled off by a girl already.
The outfit was not only fun to create, it also made me question what makes an outfit appear feminine or masculine. Is it the colours? The cuts? The material? The number of accessories? I'm really in the mood for browsing the menswear section at my favourite shops now in search for gems I might have never noticed before :)

So, what do you think? Who of you would wear this, ladies? Would you have noticed it's not actually a girl's outfit? Let me know! :)


Full list of items:
(pages might be in German, then just adjust the language)

Asymmetric coat

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Outfit: Burning bridges, burning witches

Black studded shorts: CNDirect ~ Harley Davidson top: HD Store Wauwatosa (old) ~ Fluffy cardigan: JOVI ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Crescent moon choker: TwirlyTrinkets

I found a very long, heavy, cozy cardigan at H&M last year and totally regretted not getting it. So this year I was looking for a similar one and found this beauty at a local store. As the weather's getting colder I'm totally looking for cozy knitwear / sweaters / cardigans / ponchos to wrap up in so I needed to get it and I'm super happy about it. It allows me to still wear my summer tops underneath without getting cold. I paired it with some studded distressed shorts which are extremely comfy and soft. They're also so versatile and go with almost any outfit due to their colour. As you know I rarely wear regular long pants, even in winter, so shorts are the more extraordinary alternative that can be super warm if worn with warm tights, socks, overknees etc. Now the top has been in my wardrobe for a very long time and it means a lot to me. I got it at the Harley Davidson factory in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin in 2007. It has a studded collar and a gorgeous eagle print and is of amazing quality <3
As for the title of this post - quite a few things changed for me this week. I quit my job for various reasons and everything feels like I'm making kind of a fresh start at the moment in several areas of my life. So let's see where that takes me :)

Have a great weekend everyone - make every hour count! <3


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Outfit: Don't you forget about me

Tassle shirt dress: CNDirect ~ Leather jacket: Mango (old) ~ Faux suede fringe bag: DressIn ~ Boots: swapped ~ Leaf necklace: H&M (old)

There are colour combos that always work fabulously like black/white or brown/beige. Combos that you can't go wrong with. And then there's black/brown. Many people think that wearing brown shoes with a black dress or vice versa is a total fashion no-no. I disagree. Black and brown can be a great match but they have to be combined carefully. It shouldn't look like you simply didn't have matching shoes to go with your dress. I guess the main point about it is doing black & brown from head to toe to create an outfit that really looks like it's supposed to look like that. To create a consistent whole. Once you achieved that it'll open up completely new possibilities to match items you never thought could work together. The result of me giving it a try is this very comfy autumn look. The tassle shirt dress has a loose fit which is perfect as it's not only comfy but it's also still comfy after you had a burger with fries. I tested this. I love clothes with extra room for food - but we'll get to that in another post when I'm gonna show you the pants that restored my faith in clothing producers. To match the fringed hemline I added my good ol' fringe bag you already know from previous posts. The leather jacket (make sure to check out my soon-to-come jacket post for my thoughts on vegetarians and leather) has been in my wardrobe for a couple of years. It's a trusty companion that goes with many different outfits and always adds a stylish twist. The golden leaf necklace has also been a favourite of mine for years. It's an eyecatcher but still gives the rest of the outfit room to shine and it matches the season perfectly -it's one of my fav accessories in autumn.

Have a great week adventurers!


Monday, 12 October 2015

Jewelry: Lady of the Rings

Good things come to those who wait. Way back in July I decided that I needed more rings. So I started browsing the internet to find some and finally ordered 3 (top on ring finger, top and bottom on thumb) from the lovely people at Empty Casket. And I started waiting for them to arrive. Unfortunately the very awesome company who was supposed to deliver them rang my doorbell while I was at work and didn't consider it necessary to leave me a message that I could pick up my package at a shop nearby. So it was lying there at the shop for days and days and days while I was still waiting and waiting and waiting for the package. It was eventually sent back to the UK and had already arrived there when I realized (on August 20th!) what was going on. I messaged the people at Empty Casket and asked them to send the package again and they did at NO shipping cost which was just SO lovely. This time the package arrived only 4 short days later <3 In the meantime though I had raided my mum's jewelry box (bottom and middle on middle finger, middle on index finger, middle on thumb) and had also visited a local market where I got quite a few other awesome pieces. I especially love the tiny ring that fits my little finger and the huge turquoise one with the feather on the ring finger. I added my Regalrose crescent moon ring and I will probably now move on to bracelets :D Which is gonna be hard as I unfortunately have the most ridiculously skinny wrists on earth and I'm not even exaggerating (it's genetic). If you have any suggestions for websites/shops/brands who sell awesome bracelets please feel free to message me :)

So what do you guys think of my new acquisitions? Are you into stacking rings or do you prefer to wear one or two selected pieces only? Let me know!


Monday, 5 October 2015

Outfit: My God is the sun

Blouse: DressIn ~ Skirt: vintage ~ Fringe bag: DressIn ~ Belt: vintage ~ Jewelry: PSAPPA, Regalrose, vintage

Hey everyone! I'm back amongst the living! Also, uni started again last Friday but for some mysterious reason I'm really glad about it. Holidays sure are amazing but after 2.5 months I really crave some new food for my brain :)
This outfit is one of my absolute faves and it has existed in my head for a very VERY long time before I even found the items to actually create it. I always knew it had to be a black top with a bit of a twist so I decided to wear this blouse with lace and cutouts at the shoulders. It's still pretty boho-y and interesting with its little details but still doesn't draw the attention away from this insanely perfect skirt. I had been looking for an orange/reddish boho maxi skirt for ages and ages and ages until I met this beauty in a vintage store in Amsterdam. I tried on about 10 skirts and spent such a long time in this shop that the shop assistants probably already grew suspicious. But then I got this babe and I've been wearing it so many times already in late summer. It's also perfect for fall as I can basically invisibly wear as many layers of warm tights underneath as I like. If I had to name my favourite item I picked up this summer it would SO be this skirt! Now in my head the perfect skirt of course would have the perfect belt and it would be black and it would have studs/buckles. This beauty was a real bargain, also at a tiny vintage store in Amsterdam. To complete the gypsy inspired look I added my beloved fringe bag I got at DressIn recently. I added some of my fav necklaces from PSAPPA, Regalrose and a vintage one from mum because boho is supposed to be worn with lots of jewelry, right? :3
The look was the perfect choice for last Saturday with its 23°C / 73° F and will look lovely during fall with the right jacket! Bring it on, autumn!

There's still going to be a jewelry post! Stay tuned!