Saturday, 26 March 2016

Outfit: First rays of light

Crop top: Dresslink ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Eclipse 3D printed necklace: The rogue + the wolf ~ Platforms with iridescent toecaps: Vagabond

Hey adventurers!
Today's outfit is another one from the shoot I told you about in my last post. It's definitely a bit more sporty than my regular outfits but still not too much. For some mysterious reason right in time for the beginning of spring I was in the mood for creating an all black outfit :D The weather however is still pretty unsatisfactory, as my sister called it, and I definitely agree. There'll be a BBQ for a friend's birthday tomorrow but I'm still skeptical. Anyway, I kind of like the effortless, laid-back feel of this outfit. It's perfect to be out and about on a spring day that still isn't warm enough to leave the jacket at home. It also has this edgy twist to it that makes you look as if you're totally doing your thing without caring about what anyone thinks or says. The pants would be my go to option whenever I can't decide weather to wear a skirt or pants :D Their super loose fit is so insanely comfy :3 The 3D printed eclipse necklace is one of my favorites at the moment - as it's black it goes so well with all kinds of outfits.
I'm sorry there aren't that many updates at the moment as I'm still trying to fix my camera/tripod issues. My dad apparently has a spare tripod though so I really hope I can start taking pictures by myself on a regular basis again soon.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Outfit: Every dream and every sparkle

Lace dress: see text below ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

Hey adventurers!
What a week >.< The new semester started quite well and as you might have seen on my Instagram I was lucky enough to get the chance to attend the CeBIT exhibition in Hannover. That was a fantastic day :) I also got a photography/modelling job for some online shops and I was fairly content. Then the apocalypse set in. Two days I couldn't shoot because of snow and storm. On the third day my tripod broke while shooting which means it fell to the ground and broke my camera lens as well. I will have to get it fixed and I have no clue how long it will take. And I still had to get that job done. I worked out a plan B that included having my mum take the pictures at my parents' house but couldn't go there because I had an appointment with a professor. Who didn't show up so I had wasted HOURS that day. Long story short: by Saturday 5 pm I had finally completed my Friday to dos and my whole schedule was a mess because absolutely NOTHING went the way I planned. I really hope it won't be too long until I can start shooting looks again. There will definitely be new stuff on my Instagram though as of course I can still take pictures with my phone :)
Now let's talk about the look: it's one of the outfits I shot for the job. The dress will probably be available online soon - of course I had to take the pictures before it can be sold. If you're interested I'll let you know when and where you can get it. As with any modelling job I couldn't decide which items I wanted to wear but I liked this outfit so much! The dress has this super cute lace detail which goes so well with the black faux leather jacket. It's definitely a look I'll wear in spring when the weather isn't that cold and nasty anymore. Although it's black and white the outfit still has a cute and playful twist to it without being too girly.

Talk to you soon with better news (hopefully)!


Sunday, 13 March 2016

Outfit: Your name rhymes with pain

Faux leather pants: Coolcat, similar here ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Daisy lace bralet: Dresslink ~ Platforms: Salt and Pepper, similar here ~ 3D printed bison skull choker: The Rogue + The Wolf

Hello lovely adventurers!
I'm usually not a huge fan of the faux leather pants + faux leather jacket combo as it tends to look like motorcycle gear. In this case however I thought it could work because I added this very delicate daisy lace bralet. I probably chose it because I really, really want summer. NOW :D When I went through my memories on Facebook I realized that two years ago it was already 20° C at this time of the year and we were having BBQs. I can't wait to wear this lace bralet without a warm jacket on top. Same goes for the sunglasses - I want to believe! :D
Leather and lace are always a great fabric combo as they are so different and therefore create some contrast while still balancing each other out. White lace plus black leather even enhances the effect.
Now let me draw your attention to the bison skull choker. This is one of my birthday presents I got from some very lovely friends and you might have seen it on my Instagram. What's special about it is that it's 3D printed and people always go crazy about it when I tell them. I also got another necklace and two rings and people simply can't stop touching them and asking questions about them :D As I'm a computer scientist and I'll probably be doing a 3D print project this semester myself I'm totally into this new kind of jewelry! You should definitely check out the website The Rogue + The Wolf and have a look at their really awesome and affordable designs.

Uni starts again this week.... meh, I still have so much stuff to do :D

Peace out!


Monday, 7 March 2016

Outfit: Silk and steel

Dress: Ever-Pretty ~ Platforms: Deichmann

Remember when I told you, the next outfit post's gonna be something a little special? :3 Well, here we go! I have theatre tickets for tomorrow and I thought I could share with you an outfit you can actually for a change even wear to the opera. Over the past years I acquired quite a lot of elegant pieces for occasions like this and this gown from Ever-Pretty is my newest addition to the collection. I am particularly picky when it comes to elegant dresses because they usually don't allow for my regular accessories like distressed tights, a hat, platforms boots etc. Hence they have to be an eye-catcher by themselves without being too over the top or looking like I'm trying too hard. Does this make any sense? :D What I love about this dress is that it is actually two pieces. When I saw it on the website it instantly caught my attention because I already sensed the versatility of this dress :D Piece no. 1 is a sparkly, short cocktail dress you could totally wear to the club. It's padded inside so you don't even need a bra underneath. You can still wear one though and it won't show - which is super awesome. The short dress becomes very elegant by adding the long, black see-through skirt. This black see-through skirt is probably also gonna be my best friend in summer when creating all those black boho/fairy/witchy/gypsy looks. All in all I just needed to get this dress, as there are so many options to wear the two seperate pieces. Of course I couldn't entirely refrain from wearing platforms but I chose the most elegant ones I own. I really can't (CAN'T!) walk in high heels so platforms will forever stay my bffs.
This dress probably would've gone well with a hat but there are too few occasions to wear flower crowns anyway. So I decided to go for the flowers to add a little extra pop of color.

Alrighty guys - let me know what you think! Would you pull this off at the theatre? What are you usually wearing for formal occasions?