Monday, 30 May 2016

Outfit & jewelry: The gods who dare to test us

Velvet pearl collar: Rings & Tings ~ Black blouse: H&M Divided ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ All jewelry in this post: Rings & Tings
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D and Samsung Galaxy S6

Today I have a little more than an outfit post for you guys :) As you might remember I showed you some gorgeous jewelry from Rings & Tings in this post from April and back then I was already downright in love with their items. No wonder that I found even more beautiful gems on their website :3
I already own 4 fake collars and this burgundy colored one with pearls is a very worthy addition to my collection. A fake collar is obviously the perfect choice when you don't want to wear a whole shirt underneath but still want to add a little extra something to your top. And it does indeed make a huge difference especially if it adds a little pop of color like in this outfit. This collar is already a huge favorite for this year's Christmas outfit as well as any formal event.

You know this bracelet already from one of my last looks. The dark blue gemstones have kind of a royal look to them and if you look closely there is even another texture/pattern inside the stones. I have to admit my skinny wrist situation causes some minor problems with this bracelet but I usually just wear it a little further up the arm which still looks great :)

Just how Black Boho is this feather bracelet? And just how well will it go with this kimono? :D Can't even wait to wear those two together as this is such an amazing summer and festival accessory. It's one of those pieces that just give you good summer vibes by just looking at them :3
I remember that these conjoined rings were totally in style quite a few years ago but I always thought they looked kind of tacky/too much. But these are so subtle and beautiful I just had to get them. They're a bit more interesting than regular rings without screaming for attention. They are also practical enough for everyday life as there are no chains attached to a bracelet, earring, nose piercing or whatever people came up with during past fashion eras :D

This minimalist ring is probably my fav from this order. I have literally worn it every single day since I got it. It is such an elegant piece of jewelry that will forever go with any outfit. It's the quiet little eyecatcher on your finger that makes your entire appearance more classy (and more adult I guess). I actually think it even looks so much better in reality than on the shop picture. :)

Which piece is your fav? Let me know!


Saturday, 28 May 2016

Outfit: The past is written, the ink is dry

Allison Futura wig: uniwigs ~ Black velvet mini dress: Dresslink ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Iridescent platform sandals: Schuhtempel24 ~ Eclipse necklace: The rogue + The wolf

First of all thank you so much everyone for your super lovely comments on my official and private social media channels regarding the purple ombre hair! It almost made me feel bad it's not real :D At the same time I'm completely blown away by how real and believable this wig looks. It is just such an amazing way to try out a new hairstyle or color without having to experiment with your own hair. What I have definitely learned from getting this uniwigs product: If you're interested in getting a wig, get a decent one. Yes, they are a bit pricier but (like pretty often in life) investing a little more will definitely pay off here. Getting a 10$ wig on eBay will most definitely result in you looking like you're going to a bad taste (Halloween costume) party. Believe me - I tried this twice and almost gave up hope that wigs could actually look good. But hey - they can :D So this one will definitely be my companion on many nights in the club, on festivals etc. My next project will be trying hairstyles with it :3
Today's outfit includes so many faves. It's for those spring days that are kind of warmish but not really hot. I showed you this mini dress last summer and it's been an all-time fave ever since. It's so versatile as it can be worn as a dress or as a long top with leggings (or both, with invisible shorts underneath). It goes with any kind of kimono like this beautiful one with feathers from H&M's last summer collection. What I love the most about it is that it fits in perfectly with my black boho style that combines grungy, witchy and boho elements.
The platform sandals are from Schuhtempel24, also from last year's collection and they are suuuper comfy (I walked Amsterdam for 5 days in them!) while at the same time they're such an eye-catcher due to the iridiscent material.
This would be my go-to outfit for a relaxed day that still requires a certain amount of looking decent :D 

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Outfit: Purple rain

Allison Futura wig: uniwigs ~ Lace collar: local market ~ Eclipse necklace and rings: The rogue + The wolf ~ Bracelets: Rings&Tings ~ Velvet crop top (old): Urban Outfitters ~ See-through skirt: Ever-Pretty ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

Alright, well, I kind of spoiled it in the item list that this isn't my real hair :P I've been interested in getting a wig for quite a while simply because my natural hair is super long and a color experiment gone wrong can ruin about 7 years of grooming them and letting them grow. Then again, I was always so sceptical as I figured wigs might look very unnatural and simply not believable. (There's this weird shop at the train station in my hometown that has the weirdest wigs and they never seem to get new ones in for at least the last 20 years... So that was what wigs looked like in my head until very recently.)
When I had a look at the uniwigs website though I realized that there are super awesome and natural looking wigs as well and I decided to give it a try. I was sold on this blond-purpleish one called Allison Futura the instant I saw it. My main problem had always been that I couldn't find a wig that was... me. They never really matched my style and personality. But as you might or might not remember I had a red-purpleish ombre hairstyle back in 2013 so this purple ombre looked exactly like something I would actually do to my real hair.
When it arrived I was so excited but still a bit scared if it would really look good on me. I'll let the photos speak for themselves but I actually have to admit I liked my image in the mirror better with the wig simply because it always looks like you came straight from the hairdresser. The color is perfect, no split ends, no tangles and knots. I then put it to the test and sent my friends a selfie. They were super surprised but thought it looked awesome and that it was totally me. Nobody guessed it wasn't my real hair. What stunned me the most though was that you can't tell that there are about 80 cm (~ 32 inches) of real hair underneath. I simply made a ponytail with a "loop" (you know, when you don't pull the hair through the hair tie entirely), no hairpins or additional work involved.
As the new hair color gives me an entirely new look I have now the opportunity to experiment with new outfits as well. For the first one I decided to go for a mainly black witchy style with a black velvet crop top, the lace collar I showed you on my Instagram recently and the see-through skirt from Ever-Pretty I wore with a cocktail dress in March. All-black looks are destined to be worn with the wig but I will keep experimenting to find out what I can do with this new hairstyle & color - so stay tuned :)

What do you guys think - blond&purple, yay or nay? Do you have a wig or would you get one? Which style would you go for?


Thursday, 19 May 2016

Outfit: Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring

 Rose print dress: ACEVOG ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Flower crown: DaWanda ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Hey adventurers!
As I mentioned a while ago (around V-Day I guess :D) I somehow developed an addiction to rose prints. They are timeless and romantic and still fit in with an otherwise all black outfit. I got this 50s inspired rose dress from ACEVOG along with my tassle dress I showed you in my last outfit post. It fits really really well and I love how the print is really just black and red, no other colors involved. Not that other colors would be a problem here but I think it's kind of unique that there are no green leaves etc in the print. I love the feminine and romantic look it has to it but I wanted to create some contrast by adding some edgy vibes. I threw on my faux leather jacket as well as my killer black platform heels. I couldn't resist though and put on my rose flower crown I bought via DaWanda ages ago.
This outfit is just awesome for a night out as it has this vintage swing-and-rock'n'roll look to it that'll totally stand out at any party. Still, the leather jacket and the platforms give the dress a 2016-proof update while the whole look has some gothic/witchy aspects to it. I could totally imagine wearing this to a date as well as it's romantic yet kind of badass.

I had a couple days off from uni and I thought (!) I could finally get around to shooting some looks but the world said no :D My dad killed his hard drive and asked me to fix it and I don't even wanna start talking about the weather. I have to look at the calendar to remind myself that it's actually May and not February (Notice the little pools in the background in the first picture? It had rained before and started raining again right after I shot this look...). Alright, let's hope it'll get better soon.


Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wishlist: Summer Inspiration

Summer Inspiration

Summer is finally around the corner (what took you so long, man?) and after a stressful week I finally got around to doing something fun and relaxing: creating a summer wishlist. It's something I love to do for the beginning of a new season as it always helps me to get into the right mood for this new part of the year :) Summer is my favorite season after all so I'm already dreaming of warm nights spent by the lake under the starry sky :) So I thought I'd share my summer inspiration with you guys. Enjoy!

Inspo 1: Boho

Get the items: Boho dress ~ Bikini ~ Seashell sandals

Get them here: Tassle shorts

Inspo 2: Witchy

(Yes, this dress was on my V-Day Inspo list as well. I should probably get it :D)

Inspo 3: Relax

Get the items: Twin set ~ Playsuit ~ Distressed shorts

Get them here: Flower shorts

Outfit: Let me know - is your heart still beating?

Tassle dress: ACEVOG ~ Long cardigan: second hand ~ Boots: swapped ~ Tassle bag: Sammydress ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Eclipse necklace: The rogue + The wolf

Back from the dead with my FAV (!!!) outfit of the past few months. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this was my most-worn outfit until very recently (when spring finally decided to make a move). When I shot this look a couple of days ago it was still very weather-appropriate and I was initially planning to name the look "Ice Age" :D
So let's get right into it: the tassle dress (link above) is such a lifesaver and an item I desperately needed. You might ask why as I only have about 84527495521 black dresses already. I'll tell you :D It's the perfect dress to look stylish and be super comfy at the same time. I ordered a size M as I really opted for a loose fit that doesn't cling to the body. With the loose fit and the midi-length it's definitely a lot more on the cool and laid-back rather than the sexy side. Although dresses would usually not be your go-to items if you wanna be comfy this one definitely is! Also, it's perfect for weather that's neither hot nor cold due to its length and the various layering options here. What's more: I'm usually not a fan of midi-length dresses as they tend to make me look short (I'm not tall. No, seriously, I'm not.) but not this one. With those tassles it has a very flowy look to it that completely prevents the unfortunate-length-short-legs-syndrom (I have to come up with a shorter name for that.). Also, the tassles look super cute and give the whole outfit an instant boho twist :) I immediately thought of pairing it with my little wild west tassle bag which is such a fav of mine as well. I added a long cardigan I bought second hand at a market this winter for literally almost no money. This was such a lucky find as it really kept me alive during the cold season. The boots I got at a swap event last year and I've been wearing them countless times ever since. And although black + brown is one of the trickiest color combos I simply can't get enough of it. Once you've figured out how to do it it opens up so many new outfit possibilities.

Wow, this post is kinda long already. I guess it would be smart to actually write an extra post to talk about last week's adventures that included Virtual Reality rollercoasters, video games and heaps of food :) Stay tuned guys!

Have an awesome week xx

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Outfit: Talk is cheap

Black and white dress: not in stores yet ~ Platform sandals: River Island ~ 3D printed eclipse necklace: The Rogue + The Wolf

I wore this dress for a model job recently and the very moment I put it on I loved it. I never owned a dress like this one before and I never would've thought it could suit me. However, it looks kinda good. Sometimes I love to wear pieces like this one and pretend I'm an adult :D No, seriously, it has such an elegant, timeless, grown-up look to it. With the hat it makes me feel like a lady attending a horse race or a game of polo on a lovely spring day.
I paired it with some platform sandals to elongate the legs. This is important with this dress as it hugs the body very tightly so heels can make all the difference between having hourglass curves and just looking short and chubby.
I also put on one of my very fav necklaces, which is this crescent moon necklace from The Rogue + The Wolf. Can't wait to wear this dress out on the next formal occasion :)

This week was pretty stressful hence the lack of updates. I won't be at home most of the time next week so I pretty much had to get my to dos of two weeks done in just one week. This includes several uni projects, work and booking airbnbs for next week. Of course I also caught a cold (because we're living in a Ice Age here at the moment) and of course there's the new season of Game of Thrones which might not seem like such a priority for many but... ... ... real fans will understand :D

Alrighty, watch my Instagram next week to get some updates on what's going on!