Sunday, 28 February 2016

Outfit: Pieces of paradise

Oversized crop sweater: Sparkle and fade (second hand), similar here ~ Harness shorts: StyleMoi ~ Iridescent platforms: Vagabond

Heeeello lovelies!
Hope you guys had a great week - I sure did wandering the city of Amsterdam once more with a friend of mine as you might have seen on my Instagram :) There's also a travel post about this beautiful city from last September here :)
Unfortunately I didn't buy anything as I didn't spend much time shopping but then again, that's probably good for my credit card. I'm currently re-decorating my flat which is probably gonna be expensive. I'm opting for something like a clean gypsy style (does that even exist?) and I might show you some snapshots once it's done.

Alrighty, recognize the harness shorts of death? In case you don't - I talked about them quite a bit in this post describing what it took to actually make them wearable :D They're fantastic though. Now :D They're such an eye-catcher that makes people stare wherever you go. I always try to be a bit careful with the rest of the outfit though. As the shorts are very bold I don't want to show too much cleavage etc as I don't wanna overdo it. I prefer to wear an oversized sweater like this one I got second hand at a market. It was a total bargain and I've been wearing it so many times ever since as it's super warm and cozy. For a long time I didn't know what to make of crop sweaters but with high waist pants/skirts and a nice top underneath they started making sense and I fell in love with them. I added my fav distressed tights, warm socks and my beloved Vagabonds. They are definitely the perfect combo of comfiness and style.

Stay tuned for my next outfit post - it's not gonna be your regular everyday outfit but something a bit different :)


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Outfit: Preaching the end

Paisley playsuit: Boohoo ~ Faux suede fringe jacket: Topshop, similar here ~ Faux suede fringe bag: DressIn ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Hi there adventurers!
How's everybody doing? For some mysterious reason I never got around to showing you this fantastic playsuit from Boohoo. They always have fantastic and affordable stuff and I could really spend a fortune on their website *.* This playsuit is probably my fav item with its unique paisley print and colour combo. It goes so well with vintage or vintage inspired items like my belt and my beloved fringed jacket I already showed you. I originally bought it as part of my autumn wardrobe but it goes so well with my complexion and it's suitable for so many occasions that I keep wearing it. It can indeed be very elegant with some black tights and heels but will also make for an awesome boho look when paired with tassles, vintage jewelry etc. I went for a bit of a mixture here which makes it look grown up and playful at the same time. This playsuit is one of my fail-safe pieces for dinner dates. I guess it's always great to have some of throse for every occasion - just in case :)

Don't forget to check my Instagram during the next couple of days for travel pictures!


Friday, 19 February 2016

Outfit: On the run from the things that we miss

Faux fur jacket: Dresslink ~ Plaid dress: H&M, similar here and here ~ Moon choker: Twirly Trinkets ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platforms (second hand): Demonia

Hey wonderful humans!
I had my eye on this plaid dress from H&M for quite a while telling myself I already had enough dresses :P When it was eventually sold for 10 € and still available in my size though I couldn't come up with a good excuse anymore and just got it :D It's a piece that really works for several occasions. As it's not too short and doesn't show a lot of cleavage it's an awesome choice for family dinners and birthdays but it's still stylish enough for everyday adventures, parties and so on. It can also super easily be dressed up or down. Here I chose a black faux fur jacket for a warm and medium dressy look. A long coat would make the whole outfit more elegant while a leather / biker jacket would give it a rock 'n roll twist. Now the huge platforms are super grungy (and give the illusion of long and lean legs) but could easily be swapped for a cute pair of heels, some flats or even boots. They'd all work with this outfit. I also added overknee socks, a vintage belt and a choker to give the look a personal touch. As I already mentioned before the dress + belt + jacket combo just can't go wrong as it always looks put together and as if you put a lot of thought into creating the outfit. If I had absolutely no time to get dressed but still had to look presentable this would be an outfit I'd turn to for sure!

What are you lovelies up to? I'm gonna attend a birthday party at a medieval tavern tonight - can't wait! Absolutely love wandering the alleys dressed like this :D There'll be another post up on Sunday before I leave for beautiful Amsterdam once more. So excited *.*


Saturday, 13 February 2016

Outfit: Love will tear us apart

Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Velvet crop top: Urban Outfitters (old) ~ Skirt with rose print: DIY ~ Belt: vintage ~ Platforms: asos (second hand), similar here

Heeey everyone!
I've been wanting to post this look for quite a while as it's been one of my faves recently. So the fact that I'm putting this rose inspired look up on the blog for Valentine's Day is sheer coincidence :D It was kinda hard to shoot though as I forgot my memory card at my parents' house :/ But here it is.
In this outfit I'm wearing lots of old favourites of mine. In my opinion the skirt + belt + (faux) leather jacket combo always works. It's probably the one look I'd go for if everything else failed because it always looks fab and put together. I've been wondering for quite a while why this combo looks so "right" and I think it has something to do with symmetry and the items "dividing" the body in a harmonious way. I might actually do a post on that.
I'm utterly obsessed with flower print skirts and vintage belts and totally intending to get more of both. This skirt was a DIY project - sewn from fabric remnants from my mum's atelier. It goes so well with my beloved rose tights I already showed you a while ago. The length of the skirt plus the overknee socks are so flattering for the legs in contrast to, let's say, denim pants - it's almost ridiculous. It really makes the legs so much longer and leaner.

So what are you guys up to this weekend? I'm gonna have a very nerdy V-Date including burgers and Deadpool. It's gonna be romantic af :D


Sunday, 7 February 2016

Outfit: Too cold outside for angels to fly

Snowflake sweater: Boylymia ~ Blouse: Wholesale7 ~ Lace shorts: CNDirect ~ Platform boots: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Oh wow! Finals week is over and I can't believe I'm actually gonna have a couple of weeks of free time now. I have heaps of plans like shooting a ton of looks, redecorating my entire apartment, hiking partying, traveling and all the other good stuff :)
In this look I'd love to show you another item from Boylymia (link's above) I got along with the hoodie dress I showed you recently. It's this super cute snowflake sweater and again the quality is really amazing. Also, the Boylymia items run very true to size which makes shopping there so much easier than in other online shops (I opted for a bit of a looser fit so I ordered a size M). What I love about this sweater is that although it has a snowflake print it still doesn't  look too cute or girly. It still fits in with a very clean monochrome look. I was lucky enough to get some snow the day I shot this to create the matching atmosphere. Snow has been a rare sight here this winter with temperatures as high as 14 ° C / 57 ° F. Not that I'm complaining :D
I paired the sweater with an asymmetric blouse unterneath. I absolutely love this combo as it makes a sweater look so much more interesting and adds a little warmth on cold days. I never intended to wear the lace shorts tbh :D I had worn them that day and when I changed to shoot this look I noticed that they'd go really well with the sweater :D So here we go :)

Alrighty everyone, stay tuned for heaps of new stuff! I love you guys - you are the best!