Saturday, 30 January 2016

Outfit: We lay awake silent in the dark

Faux fur jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Mandala print top: Pretty Attitude ~ Coin necklace: Wholesalebuying ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat, similar here ~ Platform heels: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Hellloooo everyone out there!
So today I'll finally get around to showing you this gorgeous faux fur jacket I already got a while ago at H&M. After I had spotted it I simply couldn't get it out of my head so I ended up buying it the day before Christmas. And what can I say? I didn't regret it. It's not only super warm but also super versatile. As you can see in the pictures it has black and grey as well as a cream color in it so it goes with the blacks and greys just as well as with browns and beiges. When I had a look at the H&M website I realized it wasn't available at the online shop anymore but I found a jacket that looks excactly (!) like this one oO Link's above!
The mandala print top is also a new addition to my closet and I absolutely love its boho-witchy-gypsy vibes :3 It's one of those pieces I can't wait to rock this summer with some lace shorts maybe and a kimono - oh yes! It also goes so well with the coin necklace.
 You already know the pants - they're my faves from Coolcat, Amsterdam but as they don't ship to other countries I found a similar pair for you.
Alrighty lovelies, I'd love to write more but it's finals week and my brain feels like pudding already. It took me like half an hour to write this. I'm serious.

Take care adventurers! Please keep your fingers crossed for me for the computer graphics exam of death on Monday :D


Monday, 25 January 2016

Outfit: Nothing burns like the cold

Hoodie dress: Boylymia ~ Platform heels: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Hey adventurers!
So as you can see in the picture there is snow now :D Eventually. I shot this look recently at -12° C / 10° F and I guess I'm always a lot more focused knowing I only have a couple of minutes until I won't even be able to press buttons on my camera anymore because I can't feel my fingers anymore :D
I'm absolutely in love with this new sweatshirt / hoodie dress from Boylymia. The online shop is quite new but I gave it a try and I must confess I am absolutely and utterly in love with this item I got there. It's really heavy and warm and feels so high quality. It also has an amazing length. It's not only a long-ish sweater, it's really an actual dress even for taller girls. I never owned anything like it and it's both cozy and stylish at the same time - I don't want to take it off anymore :O I made sure I paired it with fishnet tights and some platform heels to give it a little feminine and fashionable twist. Also, in my opinion the length of the dress requires heels to prevent your legs from looking too short underneath (maybe it's just me having this paranoia when it comes to knee-length and midi dresses).
What I love most about the dress though is the hood. As you guys know I love wearing items that cover my head like hats and flower crowns so wearing a hood is totally my kind of thing as well :) I love how it makes you look like some mysterious fantasy priestess. Also, a black hood brings out bright hair colours really well.
This outfit really doesn't require much accessorizing. I put on my regular black choker and some vintage rings - that's it.

Would you guys wear a hoodie dress?

Have a great week everyone!


Monday, 18 January 2016

Outfit: Rat in the trap

Denim jacket with aztec pattern detail: Yoyomelody ~ Knitted sweater: Thriftstore, similar here ~ Distressed denim shorts (old): Newdress, similar here ~ Triangle necklace: PSAPPA ~ Faux suede fringe bag: DressIn ~ Platforms (second hand): Demonia

Hey adventurers!
How's everybody doing? :) For some mysterious reason I am super happy and relaxed at the moment although I have to study for my exams several hours a day. Then again, the reason isn't even that mysterious. A person I deeply care about suddenly reappeared in my life after a whole year and I still can't believe it. Can't wait to see how things will unfold.
So for today's outfit I'm super excited to show you this gorgeous denim jacket from Yoyomelody. It has this amazing pattern detail on the shoulders and the back. It might be a little too early in the year for a denim jacket but I really couldn't resist :D The pattern is such an eye-catcher that totally spices up your regular denim jacket look. I paired it with a warm knitted sweater I got at a thriftstore about 3 years ago and I honestly couldn't imagine wearing a denim jacket without rolling up the sleeves of the sweater like that :D Those two items seem like they were made for each other. At first I wasn't sure about doing denim on denim. But as it's only denim shorts the material doesn't seem to dominate the outfit too much, so it's fine. Also, with the bright pattern I didn't want to add another print, colour or material as I felt it could easily get a little too much. I added my triangle necklace from PSAPPA though as it matches the geometric pattern. Can't wait for March/April to explore all the amazing spring outfits this jacket will go with :)

Have a great week!


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Outfit: Quoth the raven... nevermore

Bat sleeve dress: Dresslink ~ Choker: TwirlyTrinkets ~ Belt: vintage ~ Lace up platforms: ASOS (second-hand), similar here

...and you can never have enough black dresses, right? :D Seriously, I have no idea if or when this obsession of mine will ever end :D This dress is special though. Due to its length it could be worn either as a dress or as a top. I intended to wear it as a top first but when I put it on I noticed that this piece is a total diva that would really take away the attention from any other item. It looks as if pants would simply be... too much here, right? So I paired it with my beloved rose tights I got as a present from my sister  recently which you're gonna see again soon (I've been loving rose-themed outfits lately). I added my fav vintage belt, a choker and a pair of platforms I got second-hand along with the other pair I showed you in my last post. The bat sleeves are such an eye-catcher - this dress really doesn't need any more accessorizing. Also, although this look is quite dark and even a bit formal I could totally imagine including this dress in a summer look due to the flowy texture of the sleeves. I'll totally keep that in mind for the best time of the year :)
I had theatre tickets for tonight but the performance was cancelled. I might just study for the computer graphics exam in this outfit then :D


Saturday, 9 January 2016

Inspiration: V-Day is coming!

Yep. Soon it’s gonna be that day of the year again. And if truth be told – I’ve never even been a huge fan of it. Hearts and flowers and love songs everywhere. Guys lining up at the florist’s to get that bunch of roses simply because it’s Feb 14th. Do we really need a fixed day to show our love? Well, I guess no. And yes. It feels like sometimes we need a little reminder not to take the good things and the lovely people in our lives for granted. Just a little reminder that there are 365 other days this year that are just as perfect to show our loved ones how much we value having them in our lives. And let’s also not forget the most important part – love is not only for others. First and foremost we should always remember to love ourselves, be good to ourselves and treat ourselves kindly. I sometimes can’t believe how hard that is for many people (including myself). So no matter what you’re up to on V-Day – whether you spend this day by yourself or with someone else, whether you spend it rock-climbing, eating out or lounging about in your pyjamas  - don’t let anyone (not even me) tell you what V-Day is or isn’t. It’s what you make it :)
So I thought I’d share with you a couple of V-Day ideas – all very different, very February-proof and right in time to get them until Mid-Feb :) Hope you enjoy!

Occasion: V-Date


Occasion: Out and about

Occasion: Cozy on a cold day

Friday, 8 January 2016

Outfit: The dying light

Half moon dress: Sammydress ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M (old), similar here ~ Platforms: River Island (second hand)

Hey everyone!
Surprise quiz! What did I say about black dresses in my last post? Exactly, you can never have enough of them! :D I generally love moon (sun / stars / galaxy) prints so this dress was love at first sight. It took me quite a while to get it though. But what can I say? The fabric is so soft and it just fits as if I were born in it. This piece is a total keeper! My fav way to wear this dress is definitely an all black look, maybe with some grey and white elements. Why? It just seems to make sense as the dress depicts a night scene and there are hardly any colours at night. I don't know, things like that sometimes just come to my mind when I look at clothes. I could also imagine this dress to look good with a deep burgundy red or a dark blue but for some mysterious reason the moon print completely eliminates all shades of brown as a possible match. If you'd like to prove me wrong - please do! :) So I decided to stick with black and made this outfit a combo you can't go wrong with - just throw on your fav (faux) leather jacket, put on a pair of thigh highs for some warmth and walk out the door in your comfiest platforms ready to take over the world :) I got these babes from River Island second hand at a market recently along with another pair from asos - they were such a bargain and I love them to bits!
I'm totally gonna wear this look over and over again - I love its witchy vibes :3

Peace out

Monday, 4 January 2016

Outfit: Ice flowers blossom in the dark

Daisy dress: Dressin ~ Long cardigan: JOVI Fashion, similar here ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Choker: Dresslink

This dress has been on my wishlist for a long time :) You can never have enough black dresses, right? The best thing about them is that they are almost a complete outfit just by themselves. You will always look well-dressed in a black dress even if you didn't have an aweful lot of time to get ready. What I really love about this daisy dress is that it actually has a spring kind of print but is still... black. I already loved this combo in my sunflower playsuit I showed you a while ago. It adds a fun element to the grungy black skater dress. Also, I absolutely love nature prints as they are timeless and I guess nobody can ever get tired of looking at flowers :) It just says "Hey, I'm wearing black, but I don't take everything too seriously.".
Of course at the moment it's far too cold to wear just this dress. It's the time to shine for my fav long fluffy cardigan. I already wore it in other outfit posts and I can't even tell you how glad I am that I got it. It literally saves me on cold days and it allows me to wear all my fav summer items in winter. If you don't already have a warm cardigan like this one I would definitely recommend getting one as it opens up lots of new possibilities to wear your favourite pieces all year round. Now this particular cardigan is from a store in my hometown but I tried to find a similar one that's available online. Following through with the summer items in winter theme I was brave enough to actually wear platform sandals but of course not without adding my fav pair of socks. It's weird - many people would never wear socks in sandals while I probably never wear sandals without socks :D

What do you guys think about wearing summer items in winter? Does it work for you or would it feel wrong?