Sunday, 31 July 2016

Outfit: A faint memory

Lace shirt: Zaful ~ Studded distressed shorts: Zaful ~ Necklace: Zaful ~ Platform sandals: Zaful ~ Belt: vintage ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink

Here we go again lovelies :)
This outfit has become one of my favs the instant(s) I got these items. Funnily enough most of them are from Zaful but from three individual orders :D So what makes this outfit so special to me? Well, obviously B/W outfits are always fab as black and white are just made to be worn together. But there's more to it than that and it took me a while to figure out what it is. Way back in 8th grade or something I had a similar lace blouse and my friends at school said it looked like tablecloths or curtains. I just didn't care back then and wore it anyway but now, more than 10 years later, when I got this lace shirt I realized I loved it BECAUSE it looks like curtains. Because it brings back a faint memory of being at my grandparents' house as a child looking outside through the curtains into the neighbours' backyard with its trees and flowers and the shed. It's a warm summer evening and soon we'd go over there and have a garden party for my grandma's birthday. We'd have a BBQ and everybody would be there, even those who are not with us anymore today. This image is one of my favorite childhood memories as it makes me feel so sheltered, calm and happy. I will never ever stop wearing curtain-tablecloth shirts.
I wanted to go for a really relaxed look so I added these beautiful distressed studded shorts. Now careful here - you might remember my post about the shorts of death. We have a similar situation going on here - the shorts are really super tiny. Now this shouldn't keep you from getting them if you like them but be sure to order them a lot larger than your regular size (I'm wearing a size Large here because I already sensed they wouldn't run true to size). Apart from that they are really super amazing and comfy and I LOVE their design as I'm always looking for shorts that have something unique and exciting to them.
The platform sandals are perfect for walking around as they're way more comfy than heels but still elongate your legs :) I already tested them the very day I got them and walked around town to get some tarte flambée I'd been craving for ages :D To top the look off I added these stunning geometric necklaces. I generally love necklaces that come as a set as it makes matching them so much easier, especially if you're in a hurry. The geometric shapes add a little extra twist to the look without screaming for attention and their subtle design goes well with the delicate lace. I didn't mind mixing metals in this look as it emphasizes the laid-back and effortless feel the look has to it.

Come back on Tuesday for my next outfit post :)
Hope you guys had an amazing weekend - I did :) Kayaking with my family is on the agenda tomorrow - yay!


Friday, 29 July 2016

Outfit: Wallflower

Fringed floral kimono: Dezzal ~ Choker + necklaces: Zaful ~ Black crop top: Dresslink ~ Belt bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper

Good morning everyone!
Now that I've showed you a couple of very bright dresses in my last posts here's some black again :) Because... black! This fringed kimono is such a beauty *.* The rose details are absolutely stunning and the whole kimono is quite heavy and very high quality. My fav way to wear this piece is definitely with an all black look. Although this kimono is elegant and doesn't exactly scream for attention it still doesn't seem to tolerate any rivaling patterns or colors. The rose details are such an eyecatcher all by themselves and a black background really brings out their colors. I love how this kimono is suitable for occasions that require elegant clothing but still totally fits in with my style (which is sometimes a bit hard for me because I like distressed tights and stuff :D). And as I mentioned a while ago I'm somehow obsessed with black + rose patterns. (Quick ramble: I talked to a friend lately about how style changes over time and during that conversation I mentioned that my style is basically back to what I liked when I was 12-14. The combo black + romantic is really my earliest style obsession I can remember. I guess at that age we simply don't care what's "appropriate" and just go "If I were a grown-up, I would totally wear this and that!". And that's probably closest to what we really like. TLDR: I have the style of a 12 year old. :D End of ramble.) Now let's talk about jewelry.

I simply can't get enough of chokers. This one has a little pearl attached to it and it even came in a set with two necklaces. I've been wearing them a lot this week and they might actually be my accessories of choice for our local music festival this weekend :) Chokers are definitely by far my fav type of necklaces :) Also, I was surprised that it fits so well. Usually my neck is just too skinny for chokers (fingers too skinny for rings, wrists too skinny for bracelets... hips definitely NOT too skinny for H&M pants... -.-) but this one fits perfectly - yay! :)
I added my beloved belt bracelet from Rings & Tings - their accessories work with any outfit! Also, in the picture above you can see the rose detail very well - isn't it gorgeous?

What are your plans for the weekend lovelies? :) Have a good one!


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Summer dress series - Part 3: Bright and early

White shirt dress: Dezzal ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Platform sandals: Fiorella

Had to get up early today because the landlord wants to install a smoke detector in my flat. I thought while I'm waiting for him I could as well do something useful and write a blog post :D So here's part three of my summer dress mini series with another light-colored but very different kind of dress. It's from my new obsession Dezzal and it can be worn as a dress or as a long shirt - the choice is yours :) I absolutely love shirt dresses as they are very comfy and give the whole outfit an effortless yet put-together look. As with all the products I got from Dezzal so far the quality of this dress is amazing and it runs very true to size. No need to order a larger size or something! Now the eyecatcher of this dress are the abstract lace / stitched details you can see in the picture above. They really upgrade the entire look of this dress and make it so much more interesting and unique. This would definitely be more of a modern / minimalistic summer dress for those who aren't exactly into the romantic or boho style or have to work in an office. I wanted to keep it black and white so I added my beloved double strap faux leather bracelet from Rings & Tings, some overknee socks and these perfect sandals from Fiorella. Got these bad boys last year and they are just so comfy and badass. Love pairing them with black socks as it really gives them room to shine :)

Alrighty, which summer dress was your fav? And don't forget - you're still in for a huge surprise ;)


Monday, 25 July 2016

Summer dress series - Part 2: Lucia

White lace dress: Zaful ~ Tree branch necklace: Zaful ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Mary Janes: Topshop

Welcome back to part 2 of my summer dress series :) This beauty is from Zaful and it's a super versatile, lightweight and comfy must-have for summer. Usually when I get something new I take photos for you guys first before I actually start wearing and spilling food on it. However with this dress I absolutely couldn't resist. After my last exam on Tuesday I just threw it on and headed downtown with my friend to celebrate :) It was the perfect companion on this amazing hot summer day. Luckily I didn't spill raspberry dressing on it :D Now for this look I really wanted to do something a bit more magical. The dress instantly reminded me of the Scandinavian Lucia festival so I really felt like creating a matching look. White lace and a flower crown would always be my go-to combo for a magical summer look. Now if you'll be walking around a lot or if you aren't into high heels feel free to pair this dress with other types of shoes as long as they go with the fairy-like look.

I added my new tree branch necklace as it goes really well with the nature theme of the flowers. It is so subtle and beautiful and it even allows you to combine a nature inspired style with a modern style. 

The socks and heels I got from Topshop quite a while ago. They add an elegant and unique twist to the entire outfit. Now usually Lucia would be wearing candles in her flower crown. I figured this might be a bit too dangerous though :D Don't try this at home kids!

Alright - the third part of my summer dress series will be up on Wednesday!


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer dress series - Part 1: Bonfire heart

Knitted shirt dress: Dezzal ~ Tassled bag: Sammydress ~ Natural stone pendant: PSAPPA ~ Flower crown: DaWanda ~ Adveturer boots: HUMANIC

OMG I'm free :D (for 2.5 months... :D) Okay, now that I'm done with my exams I decided to do a little mini series on summer dresses (no, this is NOT the huge surprise I've been going on about :D). The dresses I chose all have in common that they are in a light color but they are all different cuts and textures and I'll show you different ways to style your summer dress to give you a little inspo :) Now the first outfit I wanna show you as part of this series is this western-inspired look. As I mentioned before I ordered quite a few pieces at Dezzal and this dress was probably the item I was most curious about. I could already see in the pictures that it had this knitted texture that goes so well with all kind of nature inspired looks and natural materials and I wasn't disappointed :) It's so comfy and high-quality, I can just live in it all day long. Also, you can change the way it looks by adding a belt like I did here to make the look more sophisticated. As for jewelry, I chose my beloved natural stone pendant from PSAPPA (link's above!) which I showed you in detail in this jewelry post. The tassled bag was a must, as well as the boots that just make you feel like an adventurer every single day :) Of course you could follow through with the theme and go for a cowboy hat here. I chose to wear this flower crown as I wanted to keep the look more feminine and add another natural material. This is a look you can easily play around with by adding elements that give the whole outfit a certain twist.

Alright, stay tuned for the next part in the series :)


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Outfit: Driftwood and marble

Long print blouse: Dezzal ~ Backpack: Zaful ~ Iridescent platforms: Vagabond ~ 3D printed Chronos ring: The rogue + The wolf

This is pretty much what I looked like the entire last week. This print blouse from Dezzal was such a lucky find as it has this mid-thigh length I'd been looking for and it's also a fab addition to my collection of decent looking blouses which included about... one... so far (I'm really completely unprepared for situations like job interviews...). So I've been wearing this beauty for just about any occasion lately from dinner with my parents to a presentation at uni. I love how you can wear it as a long blouse or as a short dress and you can pretty easily dress it down by wearing it open with a pair of shorts :) I am absolutely in love with the print as I can't really decide whether it's supposed to look like an actual material like marble or just an abstract pattern. It's so much more interesting than just a plain black or white blouse but it still looks elegant and fits in with my style. This item is such a keeper!
You already know the backpack - I have no idea how I could ever live without it. I'm actually even considering ordering this exact one again to keep it as a back up backpack (this is probably my fav word of all time :D).

OMG guys, only one more exam left for this semester! Can't wait to be a free agent and do all the amazing stuff I have planned. Hope you guys remember that I promised something HUGE for after the exams ;) And by HUGE I mean HUGE.

Stay tuned!


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Outfit: Don't know much geometry

Black slit midi dress: Dezzal ~ Retro Grid Ankle Socks: YOINS ~ Backpack: Zaful ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ 3D printed bison skull necklace: The rogue + The wolf ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D

Inspired by my geometry exam on July 18th I decided to share this look with you :D Yeah, it's weird which areas of my life influence my outfits... Anyway - did you know the shop Well, I didn't until very recently. And then things got out of hand somehow... I basically fell in love with their entire range of clothes as they are so different from what I had seen in other online shops lately. The items already looked so high quality in the pictures and I basically haven't been wearing anything else ever since their package arrived. I never thought a midi dress would suit me but then I saw one of my favorite YouTubers wear one and started rethinking :D Getting this dress was definitely a good investment as it is a very versatile piece that also looks very modern and grown-up. Of course I'd always wear platforms and/or heels with this type of dress as flats would make me look too short. We were lucky enough to get a bit of sun yesterday (it was my sister's birthday :3) so I decided to go barelegged. However, I felt like these geometric socks from YOINS were simply made to be worn with this dress. I had this outfit in mind the instant I opened the packages. I generally love having a little extra eyecatcher like cute socks or tights and as you all know I'm a massive fan of the socks + sandals combo :D The geometric print makes the otherwise all-black outfit a whole lot more interesting while still fitting in perfectly colorwise. This is a great example of how spending less than 4 bucks on an accessory can enhance your entire look. The backpack I already showed you before - we've been inseparable ever since, just as predicted :D In case you need a great backpack for uni / work / hand luggage / whatever you should consider getting it :)

What do you think? Midi dresses - yay or nay?


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Outfit: Tender nature

Black floral print shorts: YOINS ~ Black crochet top: Clockhouse ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Agate amethyst necklace: MadamLili ~ Bracelet: Rings & Tings ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platforms: Salt and Pepper, similar here
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D

I know I said in my last post that I was going to stock up on mid-thigh length tops. In the process I accidentally also stocked up on gorgeous floral print shorts :D This pair is from YOINS (link above) and at around 18$ they're a real bargain. There are two things I absolutely love about them - firstly, although they're shorts they don't have this overly sexy hotpantish look to them. I can still totally wear them to uni because they're a bit longer and also mid to highwaisted. This combination is perfect for summer days when you don't wanna melt in the heat but still have to look civilized. Secondly, I am absolutely in love with the print. It's so different from the usual millefleur prints you see in summer clothes and although it's a floral print it still looks kind of... clean. Don't even know how to describe it. I would always pair these shorts with an all black outfit like I did here. The only pop of color is my pruple agate amethyst necklace I showed you in more detail in this post. The crochet top is an all-time fav of mine as it goes with so many summer outfits. It's the perfect top to go with any bottom that has lots of colors or patterns in it as it's plain black but still unique due to its texture. Now if it was warm enough this weekend I could actually wear this outfit :D