Monday, 31 August 2015

Outfit: Hero 'til the end of the night

Plaid shirt: CNDirect ~ Flash tattoos: StyleMoi ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

May I introduce you to my most-worn item this summer: this fantastic blue-green plaid shirt :) As the summer was (and still is) unusually hot I actually preferred not to wear clothes at all :D In some situations it seemed necessary though so I just threw on this shirt. It has this effortless just-out-of-bed feel that is perfect for the summer holidays :) The shirt was also my loyal companion on my trip to Prague and during those long summer nights spent outside chatting and laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity. Following the age-old mantra "no pants - no problem" I decided to wear shorts so short that you can't see them :D It's just a good idea to wear them anyway in case you wanna sit down or something.
Another obsession of mine are flash tattoos. Remember those amazing little pictures from the 90s you had to press to your skin and then wet them with a washcloth? Yep, they're back :D Despite the fact that they're cool and easy to apply I'm currently using them to figure out what kind of tattoo(s) I'd like to get and where. Because I totally want tattoos, I just can't decide. This gorgeous feather tattoo really made me want a tattoo near the collar bone <3


Outfit: You see right through me

See-through jacket: Dresslink ~ Distressed denim shorts: Newdress ~ See-through bag: Dresslink ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink ~ Socks: Fiorella ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Unicorn beanie: Gossengold

This look is a bit of an experiment. It's a little bit sportier than my regular looks. I tried to follow through with the see-through topic so I chose this jacket, the distressed shorts, tights and the transparent bag I showed you in one of my previous posts. Transparent items make layering a lot more interesting so I'm gonna keep this in mind for fall - the season of layering :D
These photos look a little different than the others. That's because they were taken by my awesome photographer Vivi ( We're always having a blast walking around town taking pictures and being stared at :D


Outfit: Maybe I'm amazed

Fringed dress: Dresslink ~ Feather kimono: H&M ~ Round sunglasses: Dresslink ~ Platform sandals: River Island

Don't know how you guys feel about this but when it's super hot I'd prefer not to wear anything that is super tight or clings to the skin. It makes me feel kind of locked up in my own clothes. So I created this super loose, super flowy look for the hot days. Absolutely love the fringe detail of this very light summer dress. It goes so well with the feather kimono I got at H&M recently. It was love at first sight and I'm glad I bought it right away as it was already gone in my H&M store a few days later. I'm usually a bit sceptical about (almost) all-white looks as they quickly make you look like a doctor or a nurse but that's totally not the case here as these items have a very distinct boho look to them. This is a total feel-well look for summer days / evenings that still allows you to look civilized and stylish :)


Outfit: ...and only your face in the crowd

Daisy lace bralet: Dresslink ~ Round sunglasses: Dresslink ~ Lace kimono: Dresslink ~ High waist jeans (DIY distressed): H&M ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

I had my eyes on this daisy lace bralet for such a long time. It immediately caught my attention but I wasn't sure how to wear it and I still kind of have to explore this :)
As you know my general mantra is that no outfit is complete without a bit of contrast or some kind of tension. That's why I paired lace with distressed denim and white and yellow with black and grey. Wearing lace tights underneath these distressed jeans is my favourite thing to do. Everyone is wearing distressed denim at the moment but the lace tights underneath just give it that little extra girly, playful twist.
I'm surprised and amazed. If someone told me they were gonna wear a lace top with a lace kimono and lace tights I would probably go like "Errr are you sure about this? Seems like an aweful lot of lace." But for some mysterious reason this material doesn't seem to dominate the outfit and it really looks well-balanced. Curious :D

Actually I can't wait to wear this outfit again but it's still so freakishly hot here that wearing clothes is just not an option.


Outfit: Gold their crowns, gold their shrouds

All is not gold kimono: Dresslink ~ White asymmetric top: Topshop ~ See through bag: Dresslink ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink ~ White platform boots: Vagabond

The print of this kimono/jacket caught my attention because it reminded me of the poem from the Lord of the Rings: "All that is gold does not glitter, not all those who wander are lost." I'm actually thinking about getting the second part of it tattooed so I thought this jacket would complement my future tattoo very nicely :D
The long asymmetric top from Topshop has been one of my favourites for a couple of years. It's a real eye-catcher but still versatile enough to go with heaps of different outfits. Also, it can be worn as a top or as a dress which opens up even more possibilities to wear this beauty <3
I've been thinking about getting a see-through bag for such a long time. I always doubted that it would be a good idea as my bags are really SUPER SUPER messy. No seriously, there's everything in there from a ton of bread crumbs to money from countries that don't exist anymore to the receipt of that chocolate bar I bought 3 years ago at a gas station. Recently I found a theatre ticket from 2004!
Then again, I thought it might help me keep my purse tidy if everyone could see what's in it. When I went to a music festival in town with this bag  recently I got so many comments on how crazy it is :D Sometimes I'm amazed how people are still impressed by the small things :D


I'm not kidding you :D It has been in my purse for 11 years.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Outfit: Two tickets to paradise

Fringed lace kimono: Dresslink  ~ Palm tree crop top: C&A ~ Lace shorts: Dresslink ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

This look basically combines the two things that are currently on my mind - summer and road trips. It's very close to what I'd call my favourite style at the moment - I'd probably name it "Black Boho" and it's a combo of boho and witchy/grunge elements. I'm still working towards building a kimono collection and this fringed lace kimono is definitely an item I'll be wearing a lot. It spices up any top or plain outfit and it's not too warm so it can be worn on hot summer days. It goes so well with the lace shorts that are a little more on the boho side than my usual denim shorts. There are hopefully gonna be a lot more black boho themed outfits in the future and I'm already really excited about figuring out how to rock this style during the cooler season. But let's not talk about the cold just yet ;)


Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Outfit: Song of the sky

Aurora print crop top: CNDirect ~ Distressed high waist shorts: Dresslink ~ See through kimono: H&M ~ Platforms with iridescent toecaps: Vagabond

In the late 90s and early 2000s I was pretty obsessed with digital artwork. It appeared almost magical to me that it allowed people to create the most amazing landscapes and skies that didn't even exist in the real world. My favourite piece of digital artwork was DigitalBlasphemy's "Song of the sky" with its peaceful landscape, its starry sky and stunning aurora.

Song of the sky

So when I spotted this printed crop top 15 years later I couldn't resist. It reminded me so much of sitting and staring in awe at the digitally created sky. A top like this one needs room to shine so I decided to pair it with an all black outfit including my beloved distressed high waist shorts and see-through kimono. The shoes are my beloved Vagabonds with the iridescent toecap. When the light's shining on them the iridescent material seems to mirror the aurora from the crop top :3


Outfit: Something strangely poetic

Flare sleeve crop top: Dresslink ~ Lace shorts: CNDirect ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M ~ Platform sandals: River Island

I'm very excited about the comeback of flare sleeves. I used to wear them a lot 10-15 years ago and I was absolutely in love with them. I'm totally gonna wear them again now that you can actually buy them again :) These lace shorts have become one of my favourite items as they are so so versatile. You can wear them by themselves, to the beach or pool, with cute tights or even under a dress or skirt. They are extremely comfy but not boring due to the lace detail.
I have no idea where the see-through polka dot socks came from. They somehow just appeared in my wardrobe but I love them :D They go very well with my River Island platform sandals.
All in all this look is very comfy and ideal for summer days but still stylish enough to go out and turn heads :)


Monday, 17 August 2015

Outfit: Who stole your soul?

Black velvet mini dress: Dresslink ~ Boots: HUMANIC  ~ Necklace: Regalrose ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M

I wore this outfit when I went out with a friend to celebrate getting an A in the deadly computer science exam of death. It was super hot so I chose this short black velvet dress. What you can't see is that I was wearing lace shorts underneath. People's faces are just priceless when they're like: "Is she wearing something underneath?!" oO
As I knew we would be walking a lot I decided not to wear heels which proved to be a fairly good idea.
When we started walking from the restaurant to a bar we were approached by two policemen off-duty who had absolutely no clue what to do with the delicious bottle of white wine they just bought. So we went down to the river to have a glass of wine with them and later on ended up sitting around a bonfire in a huge park until 3 am :)
A short dress, some print tights and a hat and voilà - you're all ready for whatever the summer night throws at you :)


Travel: Bohemia

Today I would love to tell you about my latest adventures in Bohemia.
Weirdly enough I had never been there although I'm living rather close to the Czech border. It was 3 hours by bus to Prague and 30 € return. Well, what can I say? Prague is just incredible. The weather was fantastic (30-35°C every day) which meant heaps of sunshine and nights spent in hotpants. On my first day I went on a tour up to the castle, a guided walk around town and a boat cruise to get to know everything. That's what I usually choose to do when I get to a new town so I can decide which places I want to visit again during my stay. Also, I love hearing about the history and architecture of new places and how they're tied to the general historical context. It just makes you understand a lot of things a lot better that you had so far only heard of in history lessons and TV documentaries.

St Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle

View from Prague Castle over the vineyards and the city

On Tuesday I took a tour to Kutná Hora (which is, according to the tour guide, the capital of Crystal Meth. No clue if that is correct though.). Now if that name doesn't ring a bell maybe the Bone Chapel does. It's a chapel filled with the skeletons of 40.000 (!) people that were dug out from the surrounding cemetery due to lack of space. In the 19th century artist František Rint created several pieces of art from the skeletons like a huge chandelier or a bird entirely made from human bones. As I've always been very interested in the baroque Memento Mori and Vanitas art and literature this was really totally my thing. I could stand in this chapel for hours trying to imagine what the skull in front of me might have looked like as a human and pondering on how similar we all look once our hair and flesh is gone. It makes me reflect about life and about fashion and about identity. That was definitely an amazing one of a kind experience although I would've preferred a night tour with less other people there to enjoy its eerie beauty to the fullest.

Can you spot the bird?

Before and after.

Kutna Hora has a lot of other interesting things to offer though. Mining had made the town rich in past centuries and beautiful cathedrals and fountains still pay tribute to the hard working miners. If you ever get the chance - this place is worth a visit!

After a little rest I went to the biggest club in central Europe that night. I love huge clubs as I usually get bored pretty quickly and I enjoy seeing hundreds and thousands of new faces I've never seen in my life. I had never been to an oxygen bar before and I'm pretty sure it's absolutely pointless but I gave it a try :D It was really relaxing and smelled like lavender so... yeah :D After that I ran into the most handsome Dutch guy who I'll probably never see again but - hey Cameron, I enjoyed your company!

Oxygen bar
I was super impressed by the Franz Kafka museum as there was really everything there is to know about this amazing author. But there wasn't only information in a couple of rooms. The design just matched the content perfectly. I absolutely loved how Kafka's aversion against his job at the office was depicted by rooms full of huge overwhelming file cabinets while information on his instable relationships to women was displayed in hanging boxes that swung back and forth as soon as someone tried to lean on them. Definitely a must-see for literature geeks like me. So if you love his unique texts and are interested in his life and work - it's so worth it!

Franz Kafka statue
On the last day I visited the Jewish quarter with its synagogues where you can learn a lot about Jewish history in Europe. To be honest I have never been to a synagogue before (at least not knowingly) and it was very impressive to me. I got the combo ticket that allowed me to visit several synagogues, the Old Jewish Cemetery as well as the Town Hall. I was a little sad though that I didn't have another day left as the visit to the Jewish quarter got me very interested in visiting the town/ghetto/concentration camp Terezín. It's defnitely on my agenda for my next visit. This whole topic definitely isn't fun but it's interesting nonetheless and shouldn't be left aside when visiting Bohemia.

And then of course there were all the amazing small things: cooling my feet in the water on one of the little islands in the Vlatava river after a long day. Watching the paddleboats go by with their little lanterns flickering in the night. Listening to one of the musicians in Old Town Square just sitting on the warm cobblestone. Having the most amazing almond-mushroom risotto in the peaceful inner yard of the U Laury restaurant in Lesser Town.
I will most definitely visit again rather sooner than later :3


John Lennon Graffiti wall in Lesser Town

Dinner at U Laury (which is Czech for "Laura's place")