Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Outfit: Whiskey in the jar

Sweater: H&M ~ High waist faux suede skirt: Wholesale7 ~ Tassled bag: Sammydress ~ Boots: swapped

Heeeey adventurers!
Hope you had an amazing Christmas :) I sure did enjoying every minute of spending some quiet days with my family at home and in a spa. Now that I'm back home it's time for my last outfit post this year. It's been one of my fav outfits during the past couple of weeks. As the time before Christmas was super stressful and I was basically running from one appointment to the next I needed something comfy yet stylish that would fit many different occasions like dinner with my parents or the Christmas party at uni. These items never let me down. I bought the light brown knit sweater a couple of years ago at H&M and it's one of the basics in my wardrobe I can always rely on. Now the black faux suede skirt is new and it has quickly become one of my favourites. The material is so soft and looks a lot more expensive than it is. It also matches almost any top so the possibilities to wear it are pretty much infinite. It goes especially well with the tight, short sweaters and turtleneck tops you can find everywhere in the stores right now. The material inspired me to create this western inspired look pairing it with this brand new fringe bag. Sammydress absolutely killed it with this tassled eye-catcher that spices up just about any outfit and makes you dream of the wild wild west. It's the perfect size to wear it to parties and concerts and all sorts of events where a huge bag would just be in the way. Absolutely can't wait for it to be my companion on many many days to come - especially during the BBQ and festival season :) Seems like it was simply made for that purpose!

Alrighty guys, I guess that's it for 2015. I really hope you had a great year :) I definitely did as I got to travel to fantastic places and I met fantastic people and made lots of precious experiences and memories. What are your New Year's resolutions? I definitely want to go to the Far South again for a semester (finally, I've been planning this for 3 years now) but apart from that I'll just let 2016 surprise me ;)

Take care everyone!


Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Outfit: Winter solstice

Asymmetric blouse: Wholesale7 ~ Belt: vintage ~ Pendulum necklace: Regalrose ~ Platform boots: Vagabond ~ Spider earring (see detail shot below!): Sammydress

Oh, wow. I'm sitting on my parents' couch in the coziest loungewear with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. FINALLY. The time before Christmas is always the most stressful and it feels like we have to earn the peace and quiet of the last week of the year first. I actually shot 4 outfits I wore recently but didn't even get around to uploading them. So there will be some newness - stay tuned :3
Let's start out with this asymmetric blouse/dress from Wholesale7. I'm absolutely in love with the black top & white collar combo and I own several other pieces combining these two elements. I like how it looks a bit formal, a bit innocent and a bit witchy. This mix of styles makes this blouse a very versatile item that could be worn to a job interview as well as to a gothic themed party. The blouse is just a little too short to be worn as a dress but in cases like this I usually just wear a plain black skirt or pair of shorts underneath to make sure nobody can see anything they're not supposed to see :D
My black and white Vagabond platforms were the obvious perfect match for the blouse. Also, I'm a huge fan of pairing this kind of top with fishnet tights as they spice up the rather conservative look. I also added another awesome witchy detail:

Spider earring: Sammydress

When I found this cute spider earring on Sammydress' website I just had to get it :D It's awesome for that little shock moment as it really looks like a spider crawling through your ear :D It adds even more witchy vibes to the look.

As for the title of this look - finally the days are getting longer again. Shooting looks always becomes quite a bit of a challenge in winter with so little daylight. I miss the endless hot summer days when I could still go out and take photos at 9 pm. But yeah... CHRISTMAS! :D
Alright everyone, enjoy this very special time of the year and have some great/fun/quiet days with your loved ones. What are your plans for Christmas? As every year I'll spend a couple of days in a spa with my family between Christmas and NYE. So watch my Instagram for all the holiday snapshots :)



Monday, 14 December 2015

Outfit: We fade to grey

Jumpsuit: Dresslink ~ Cardigan: Dressin ~ Leaf belt: Dresslink ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Necklace: Regalrose ~ Platforms: Demonia

Hey everyone!
Starting the week with a brand new outfit featuring this jumpsuit with one of my all time fav patterns. From my plates to my bed linen so so many things I own have this baroqueish floral pattern. So when I spotted this jumpsuit I thought... heyyy it's calling my name :D Some of you might remember me talking about my ambivalent relationship with jumpsuits earlier this year :D As you can see I still keep collecting them and still whenever I go to the bathroom at a restaurant people think I died there because it takes me ages to take off EVERYTHING and put it back on again because... jumpsuit. And still jumpsuits are one of my fav pieces of clothing because, just like dresses, they are almost a whole outfit just by themselves. With a jacket and a belt on top you always look so put together. Speaking of belts - isn't this leaf belt a total babe? I'm picky when it comes to belts so I really don't have that many. I was so happy when I found this one as I'm a total fan of the design and the best part about it is that it's stretchy. I absolutely love belts that adjust to my waist no matter if I'm wearing a light crop top or a bulky sweater. I'm so gonna wear this one over and over again! The cardigan is also new and very awesome. When I unpacked it I didn't even know what it was at first - and I think there are at least four different ways to turn it upside down and inside out to wear it :D I hope I got it right though - at least I like it this way :D It's one of those super trusty items that you can just throw on at any time and that'll match almost any outfit. Still it's not your regular cardigan that you'll see every day so thumbs up for this very versatile yet eye-catching piece!
I paired my new acquisitions with my beloved Demonia platforms, my choker that I'm wearing A LOT and some of my fav necklaces.

Still not really getting in the mood for Christmas... how about you guys?


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Outfit: Last night I sang to the monster

Boho blouse: Dresslink ~ Coin necklace: Wholesalebuying ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat ~ Faux fur jacket: Dresslink

This is more of a late-autumn outfit than a Christmas-y outfit because that's what the weather is currently like here. It was actually quite warm (up to 14° C) during the last couple of days and got a little colder now but we're still far from a white Christmas. Late autumn is just the right time to pair some Boho vibes with some warm faux fur. I already showed you my new faux fur jacket in my last post and it's my everyday companion at the moment due to its coziness and fluffy fabric. When I got the blouse I wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad about it. It is super gorgeous and comfy and has a beautiful colourful boho print. But it's such a summer item. It instantly made me dream of summer nights by the campfire again and those thoughts tend to tear me apart a bit :D I thought "f... it" though and created this outfit adding another very boho inspired item - the coin necklace. I never had a necklace like this one before so when I saw it on the website I just went for it and I'm already in love :) You already know the pants - they're my favs from Coolcat and I will wear them forever and a day. Absolutely can't wait to go back to that store in Amsterdam *.*

What are you guys up to during this very special time before Christmas? Surprisingly enough I'm actually studying kind of hard at the moment but there are also so so many events coming up like uni parties, Christmas parties and a vintage market next week. So excited (:


Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Outfit: Dipped in venom

Snake dress: Oshun Attire ~ Faux fur jacket: Dresslink ~ Platforms boots: Salt & Pepper

Hi everybody!
December is really the worst time for fashion bloggers with only a couple of hours of daylight to shoot looks and heaps of rain and snow that often make it close to impossible to leave the house in clothes that look somewhat decent :D I made it though! So I can finally show you this absolutely gorgeous snake dress from Oshun Attire. They're a fashion brand from Pakistan and I instantly fell in love with their concept the first time I came across their website. They put so much love and effort into making their products like embellishing them by hand etc. So for this look I'm wearing this stunning light dress with a super cute stitched snake detail (for detail picture see below). Of course it's too cold for wearing just the dress at the moment so I paired it with a short faux fur jacket. I wanted one for a very long time and I'm so glad it arrived just in time for winter. I'll have lots of visits to the theatre and opera coming up during the next couple of months and those two are sure gonna be my trusty companions :) They're a great combo for all those occasions when I wanna be warm outdoors but all festive indoors :)

I got heaps of new stuff this week - stay tuned guys :)