Sunday, 27 September 2015

Outfit: For all those years I roamed

Print shorts: DressIn ~ Faux suede fringe bag: DressIn ~ Knitted Jumper: DressGal ~ Sandals: Deichmann ~ Choker: TwirlyTrinkets

Hey lovelies! Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I fell totally ill recently (you know, your regular start-of-autumn-flu) so I'm basically just lying in bed sleeping. There's so much new stuff I'd love to show you but I probably won't be able to shoot any new looks during the next couple of days :/
But as soon as I'm back amongst the living (and I'd better be, as it's back to school for me next week) there will be updates - stay tuned! Today I'd like to show you a look I luckily shot before the germs got me.
The shorts have a paisley/animal print. At first I wasn't sure if they're really "me" but as soon as I put them on I loved them. They're so comfy and can easily be dressed up or down for a more beachy or more stylish twist. I guess I chose the middle ground somehow with this laid-back outfit that's still suitable for walking around town and all those other daily adventures (maybe not for the opera).
As fringing is such a huge trend this season I was totally lustig for a fringe bag. I got this one and I've worn it quite a few times already. It's definitely gonna accompany me through autumn and winter :) Don't know if you recognized the knitted jumper - it's another completely different way to wear it.
This is a real feel-well look to just go out, have fun and look awesome in the process :D

Talk to you soon everyone (key word: RINGS!)!

Monday, 21 September 2015

Outfit: The midnight sun

Sunflower playsuit: DressIn ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M ~ Boots: Humanic ~ Belt: vintage ~ Choker: Dresslink

I missed black a bit :D With my last outfit being super bright and colourful I thought it was time for a little black again. I'm probably already making a fool out of me by preaching how playsuits are annyoing to wear but... here's my LBP - my little black playsuit. Its legs are pretty wide so it kind of looks like a dress without all the annoyingness of wearing a short dress - which is perfect for dancing or going out when it's windy. I love the sunflowers on the black background as the contrast makes them stand out more. It makes me think of a sunflower field in a moonlit night :) The faux leather jacket was simply made to be worn on top of playsuits as the narrow waistline creates a very flattering silhouette while the vintage belt adds a bit of an extra boho twist. This look is one of these "I'm prepared for ANYTHING!"-outfits as it's comfy, it can be easily layered, you can sit down in the grass because nobody can see your undies and it's black and black always works, right?

Have a successful and awesome week everyone!


Sunday, 20 September 2015


Nyoka from had quite a few questions - and I answered :) Talking fashion hot spots, white rabbits and banana monsters today in my latest interview.

While we're at it... can read my interview with the lovely people from JUNNNKTANK here :)


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Outfit: Distant whispers of spring

Playsuit: CNDirect ~ Feather watch: DressIn ~ Boots: Vagabond ~ Jewelry: old

Yeah I'm not living in the southern hemisphere (anymore) and yeah I'm totally aware that autumn is about to start but I'm one of those people who simply refuse to believe it :D I really just felt like doing this. You might remember what I told you about jumpsuits recently... about them being a pain in the a** when you have to go to the bathroom etc etc... ... ... So say hello to the newest addition to my fast-growing jumpsuit collection :D This specimen is so insanely comfy I felt like I was born in it. I can't stress enough how you can simply throw a jumpsuit on and leave and still look put together. And I mean seriously... look at the lace *.* The blue-purple-pinkish colour combo is just perfection. When I tried this jumpsuit on for the first time I just thought... how about YES?! That's what it should always feel like when trying on something new. Then you'll know this piece really earns its spot in your wardrobe.
Now although I usually don't need a watch (we all look at our phones, right?) I like to wear one as a fashion accessory. So when I saw this white one with colourful feathers it was love at first sight. I can't wait to pair it with heaps of boho outfits!
I know it's kind of unusual for me to wear such a non-black outfit. But as there was no black in the jumpsuit as the main piece I didn't want to weigh the outfit down unnecessarily by adding a whole lot of black around it. So I chose my mainly-white-and-just-a-little-bit-of-black Vagabond boots and my trusty hat. That was the moment when I really wished I had a white hat. I'm totally gonna pursue this idea.

Have the most awesome weekend everyone!


Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jewelry: PSAPPA

So a while ago these eagerly awaited little packages from the up-and-coming Etsy shop PSAPPA were in the mail. I mean seriously guys - isn't this the most beautiful packaging you've ever seen in your life? When I looked at these carefully wrapped envelopes with their fleur-de-lys wax seals I knew one thing for sure: there are very few shops in this world where products are made with so much love. So if you'd like to get yourself something really unique or if you're looking for a gift for someone you really care about you should read on :)

So what's inside?

PSAPPA offers amazing hand-made eco-friendly jewelry made from natural materials like rocks, animal bones or teeth. Don't worry, no animals are harmed - they're made from outdoor finds. This also means that every piece you get at the shop is unique and there's no other like it in the world. So if you're, like me, a bit bored of what you can buy in your regular stores around town the Etsy shop is well worth a visit. If you're intending to get a gift for a loved one you can be sure to get something extraordinary in the most beautiful gift-wrapping.
I personally think that the jewelry is perfect to complement an autumn outfit. As you can see in the picture above one of my fav ways to style my new necklace is pairing it with ruffles or lace. The delicate lace and the raw natural material create the most beautiful contrast that just makes you dream of foggy autumn mornings in the mountains <3
Other pieces from the shop go so well with the current fringe trend. They would make the perfect accessories for a western inspired outfit, wouldn't they? :)

Alrighty nature and jewelry lovers out there - in case you'll get or already got something at PSAPPA please let me know what you think and send pictures of your unique pieces if you like!


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Outfit: We were never carved in stone

Kimono: CNDirect ~ Fishnet top: C&A ~ Gypsy flares: Boohoo ~ Moon choker: TwirlyTrinkets

Guuuuuys :> Unfortunately after an amazingly warm late summer weekend I caught a bit of a cold. So I'll just be here on my couch with a cup of tea and share this outfit idea with you :) What you can clearly see in today's look is that Black Boho is my newest style obsession. So let's see where that takes us...
Something I absolutely love in autumn and winter are oversized items to wrap myself up in. There's nothing more cozy :3 This kimono sure is one of these items. I mean seriously - look at it! Doesn't it look super amazingly comfy? It also has a fantastic paisley print and a very unique and unusual colour - I'm in love!
Things got a little out of hand recently at I thought "Oh hey, I could totally use a pair of flared pants,,," and looked around to find the perfect one. When I stopped by at boohoo I spotted all the fall essentials I'd been lusting for... and more. Of course. So I got 3 pairs of flares and like 5 other items. Yep. But aren't they awesome? I always wanted pants with a print like this one. So if you're looking for some autumn pieces you should definitely check out! Also, they have a 30% off coupon code every day for a different category. So if you shop smart you'll never have to pay the full price for anything you buy :)

Alrighty, have a great week everyone!


Friday, 11 September 2015

Outfit: The dreams you left behind

Dreamcatcher top: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go ~ Lace kimono: Dresslink ~ Velvet choker: TwirlyTrinkets ~ Platforms: Demonia

Heeere we go again with some more Mr. Gugu & Miss Go perfection <3 I spotted this gorgeous dreamcatcher top quite a while ago in a photo and it was love at first sight. So when I had the chance to get it I couldn't resist. It adds a whole lot of gypsy vibes to an outfit and it can be worn as a top or as a short dress (it's also available as a t-shirt, as a sweater and in another awesome design here!) As summer seems to be coming back for the weekend with around 29° C this top + a light lace kimono are the perfect combo to enjoy the last warm days (yay I don't have to work :3). For a more autumny look you can pair this top with some overknee socks and platforms and maybe a warmer cardigan or jacket on top. What can I say - I'm so in love with this top it'll probably be my most-worn item in fall *.*

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Outfit: Midnight in the garden of good and evil

Pink floyd dress: Mr. Gugu & Miss Go ~ Studded leather jacket: Vintage ~ Studded boots: Humanic ~ Moon choker: TwirlyTrinkets ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink

A while ago my friend Sarah asked me if I knew the shop Mr. Gugu and Miss Go. She told me this Pink Floyd dress was totally made for me and that I HAD to get it. She was right :D It's that perfect rock n' roll style skater dress for all those long party nights. The shop has so much super unique stuff - it's totally worth a visit! If I were rich and famous I'd probably buy the whole shop *.* What I also really liked is that the clothes there are very true to size. Not having to worry about the size makes shopping so much more fun! I'll show you another item I got there in my next post, stay tuned :)
With autumn approaching I paired this dress with studded boots that'll be your trusty companions on all your daily or nightly adventures. This super awesome ragged studded leather jacket was a vintage find on London's Brick Lane. It simply looks as if three generations of rockstars died in it :D
This rock star look will sure as hell get you all the stares :3

Hope you're having a great week everyone!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Travel: Amsterdam

The pie chart sums it up pretty well :D There's more to it though. This was my second trip to Amsterdam and definitely not my last. The first time I went to Amsterdam was in February this year with my friend Alex. We really enjoyed strolling around the busy streets, discovering new stores, taking a boat trip around the city and wandering the famous red light district at night (which is really worth seeing!). If you've never been to Amsterdam and you're intending to go there and visit one of the many, MANY coffee shops - do it with someone who knows what they're doing and don't overdo it. Make sure you don't get lost in a foreign city.

So now that we have this out of the way... Amsterdam is a great place for shopping. I walked through the main shopping streets like Kalverstraat and Haarlemmerdijk on my first day. Funnily enough I ran into fellow blogger Christian Chou first thing on Monday morning at Urban Outfitters xD As we were planning to meet up anyway though it was super convenient and we had a really great dinner at Thai Phutakun that night.
Apart from the main shopping streets there are lots of smaller shops and super amazing vintage shops. I spent hours trying on stuff at Zipper and episode where I got the vintage boho maxi skirt of my dreams <3 (there will be photos at some point, don't worry ;)). If that's what you're into you should head to the "Nine Streets" in the west of the city centre.
That's also where I discovered Burgerlijk, an amazing little burger bar with ridiculoudly good burgers. It was great for me as a vegetarian as you can choose your own ingredients (other restaurants often only have 1 veggie burger on the menu). My favourite toppings were the red onion compote and the homemade truffle mayo. Don't forget to get some insanely delicious homemade fries with homemade (!) ketchup. You'll never want to eat regular ketchup again.

On my last day I went to the van Gogh museum as I wanted to go there for a very long time. Be sure to buy your tickets online in advance as it saves you hours (!) of waiting in line. Also, if you're like me and you like to really take your time to look at pictures and take in all the impressions don't go later than 3 pm. I went at 4 pm and the museum closed at 6 and I really felt a bit rushed. I enjoyed the experience though :)
In general Amsterdam might be a little confusing. If you look on the map you'll understand why - it's this polygon-like shape with it's many identical looking canals. But it's also a very beautiful city with its house boats and bridges and heaps of very beautiful, lovely people :)



Saturday, 5 September 2015

Outfit: The lies in your eyes

Aztec pattern playsuit: CNDirect ~ Crochet vest: Newdress ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Belt: Vintage ~ Choker: Regalrose ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink

As I'm writing this blog entry the Lookbook server seems to be down and I have no clue when it will be back up again :/ But yeah... I have a bit of an ambivalent relationship with playsuits. Whenever I go to the bathroom I basically have to take off my entire outfit which is still kind of alright in summer but gets really annoying in winter when I'm wearing a belt and a cardigan and a jacket on top of the playsuit. And still I keep wearing them and still they even keep multiplying in my wardrobe :D Playsuits just look amazing, they are more practical than dresses and are a very easy way to create an outfit that looks "complete". By just adding a belt and a jacket/vest you can make it look as if you put a whole lot of effort into the outfit. So this one is my newest acquisition. I've never really been into aztec print. But this one is such a toned-down monochrome version of it that really made me want to give it a try :) I got the belt at a small vintage store in Amsterdam and I'm so super happy about it (travel post in progress!). It has those diamond shaped studs that match the diamond shapes in the playsuit's pattern :3 Now to make the look a little more interesting and boho I added this cute crochet vest. It can be worn on top of shirts, dresses etc and just gives them a little extra twist. It's one of my fav items already :)

Hope you're all having a fab weekend!


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Outfit: Dawn is the death of night

La Luna Le Soleil shirt: Newdress ~ Distressed boyfriend jeans: CNDirect ~ Lace kimono: Dresslink ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Platforms: Salt and Pepper

So the cooler days eventually got us and it's time to get used to long pants and layering again. This outit happened along the long road of me trying to find the perfect boyfriend jeans. It's one of my must have items for fall as there's nothing cozier than a pair of distressed loose fit jeans, a cool shirt and something to layer on top for some warmth. Wearing tights underneath the jeans adds some extra warmth and style :3 I wanted to get this "La Luna Le Soleil" shirt for such a long time and I finally did grin emoticon As you might know I love everything sun/moon/sky/nature related so this top is a worthy addition to my wardrobe and it just goes perfect with denim in general.


Outfit: Empires of Tomorrow

Fringed kimono: Newdress ~ Velvet skater dress: StyleMoi ~ Iridescent platform sandals: Schuhtempel24 ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Pendulum necklace: Regalrose ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop

This is probably my favourite outfit at the moment :3 I wore this on my trip to Amsterdam and it was so comfy and perfect to stroll around the streets in style.
I chose to wear this fantastic black velvet skater dress to give the highlights of this look room to shine:
I absolutely love my new fringed kimono - its pastel colours go surprisingly well with my red hair and yellowish skin. To me it looks like the spread wings of some magical bird <3 It doesn't only spice up your outfit - it's a total eyecatcher.
You probably know that I fell in love with iridescent shoes lately (my latest Vagabond purchase started the obsession...). So I absolutely couldn't resist these iridescent platform sandals from They are suuuper comfy (I walked all around Amsterdam in them) and they were a real bargain. This shop is definitely the place to go if you're looking for awesome shoes that don't cost a fortune. If you wanna get something there: like their Facebook page for discount codes (up to 40% off!) to save even more!


Outfit: Do you still believe in love, I wonder?

Tutu mini skirt: CNDirect ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M ~ Sunglasses: Dresslink ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platforms: Demonia

This is something I wanted to do for ages. There are some items that are modest and go with just about any outfit. They always come in handy when you just wanna throw something on and they never let you down. And then there's tutu skirts. I guess there's no piece of clothing that can look downright ridiculous as easily as a tutu. It has to be styled with so much care in order to not look cheesy or like you're wearing a costume. I accepted the challenge and decided that a tutu is best paired with badassness. So I added this faux leather jacket, distressed tights, chunky platforms and a faux leather choker to balance out the overwhelming girliness of the skirt.
Other ways to style a tutu could be studded tops and jackets, fishnet tights, black lipstick etc... get creative :) Wear the tutu with an attitude that makes everyone who's not wearing a tutu feel completely inappropriate! :D

Thanks a lot to Vivi for the awesome photos <3


You know, when casually chillin' in a fountain with a tutu skirt do it with an
attitude that makes everyone who's NOT in a fountain feel completely inappropriate! :D

Outfit: I'm good I'm gone

Long college jacket: CNDirect ~ Socks: Fiorella ~ Platform sandals: Fiorella

I was looking for a long college jacket for such a long time but never found one that I liked. I finally got this one and it has the perfect length :) It goes so well with the socks and platforms from Fiorella, which are a perfect match anyway :) Generally this is a very "clean" look that doesn't need many accessories as it's on the sportier side anyway. I could totally imagine this outfit as a back to school look as it's easy to style with its long jacket for chillier mornings.

Thanks to my photographer Vivi who took the picture on the right :)