Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Outfit: Can't blame gravity

Aztec print jumper: Wholesalebuying ~ Shorts: StyleMoi ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Platforms heels: Salt & Pepper

...and suddenly... SNOW. You can't see it in this picture as it was taken in the city center but those of you who follow my Instagram maybe saw what the world currently looks like around my parents' house :D So it's definitely time for some warm sweaters again. I got this one just in time for the beginning of winter and I absolutely love its' loose fit and abstract black and white aztec print. The pattern adds an interesting eye catcher to every look but still doesn't scream for attention due to its' neutral colours. It's one of those items that I'll wear over and over as it matches everything without looking too plain or boring. One of my current everyday favs is this sweater + my faux leather pants.
And then... the shorts. I wanted these shorts for AGES (I mean ages!). Then I got them. I was so excited when they arrived and so disappointed because they really didn't fit AT ALL. Caution! Rant about absurd sizing ahead... Don't get me wrong. I love StyleMoi - they have amazing stuff. I also love these shorts to bits. But I have no clue what went wrong with their sizing.. As I would consider myself to be... well... in good shape I ordered a size Small. That's also what their sizing table recommends for my height and weight. ... ... Only one of my legs fit in there. I'm not even kidding, these shorts would've fit a 4-year-old. As I love food too much to have the weight of a 4-year-old I asked my mum to alter them for me. She added about 5 cm (2 inches) on each side (!!!) and now they're perfection. I mean seriously, look at them. They're my fav shorts of all time. It was a long way to go though. TLDR: If you'd like to get these babies, order 2 sizes larger than usual. Ignore the sizing table by all means.

Did you guys have an absurd sizing experience? Or did you get these shorts and they actually fit?


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Outfit: You taught me everything I know

See-through bat wing top: Wholesalebuying ~ Tassled shorts: Boohoo ~ Bag: Estarer ~ Triangle necklace: PSAPPA ~ Leaf necklace: H&M ~ Boots: swapped

Hey adventurers!
So glad I'm actually getting this post up today! There's a lot of newness this week - every single item in the mail was a total knockout :3 I got this awesome black see-through bat wing top from Wholesalebuying and it's so gorgeous and impressive. I could instantly think of a hundred different ways to wear this all year round! It's one of those items that make me wonder - why didn't I get this earlier? It can easily be dressed up or down so it's also gonna be a hot candidate for a Christmas outfit. The tassled shorts were love at first sight over at Boohoo. They have fantastic stuff anyway and these babies just jumped right into my shopping cart... They fit in perfectly with the current fringe and 70s trend and are an eyecatcher without stealing too much attention from other items. And they're SO comfy and soft! And then of course... Estarer. I already have several Estarer bags (you can see them here and here) and they never disappoint me. Their items are amazing quality and always make me dream of outdoor adventures <3 I love the asymmetric shape of this bag, still nothing can fall out as there's an additional hidden zipper :) Good job, Estarer! Now the leaf neacklace is a very old piece from H&M (at least 6 years or something) while the triangle necklace is from the lovely little Etsy shop PSAPPA I told you about in this post.
I really felt like creating another black and brown look, simply to convince myself once and for all that this combo DOES work :D What do you think?

What else is new? Well, I'm going to delete my private Facebook account tomorrow. Don't worry, the official page will still be there and will still be updated as usual. But Facebook has really gone one step too far by starting to force people to send in private documents to "verify their identity". It already happened to several friends of mine, so I wasn't surprised when I got the message. I decided to try living without it now, really wondering what it'll be like. I'm really sick of them harvesting my data as if there was no right to a certain degree of privacy (especially for people who have a website or something like me). Well, real life here I come!


Saturday, 14 November 2015

Newness: Ethnic print flares

Ethnic print flares: YOINS ~ Fringe jacket: Topshop ~ Platforms: Vagabond

Hey everyone!

It was a bit of a challenge to get this post up. I got these awesome ethnic print flares from YOINS recently that I wanted to show you. They feel like they hug your body and they also have the perfect length for me :) Colourful prints are a bit hard to pair with other items though as they don't tolarate any rivaling patterns. So whenever I wear something really bright and colourful I'll usually go for an all-black outfit to give it room to shine. This time I chose some of my all-time favs like my beloved fringe jacket and my Vagabond platforms. So coming up with some good matches for these gorgeous flares was already a bit of a challenge but shooting the outfit somehow didn't work this time. Don't know what went wrong but there were only a couple of pictures I really liked. It was Friday the 13th after all :D
I'm already looking forward to showing you an outfit with my newest acquisition from Estarer early next week :3 Stay tuned!

What are your thoughts on colourful patterns? Would you wear them and what would you pair them with?


Monday, 9 November 2015

Adventure: Vineyards and foggy woods

Last weekend I went on a full-day hike with my parents through some beautiful autumn scenery. In the morning when we started walking the hilltops were still covered in fog. I absolutely love this weather as the blue-greyish background brings out the orange and yellow colour of the leaves a lot more. Although the sun wasn't shining the temparature was far too high for November in Germany (about 21 °C) so we were kind of confused about how to dress.
We walked up the hill through the beautiful yellow vineyards into the misty woods. Up there we walked around a small lake with an island in the middle which was actually an overgrown Celtic tower foundation. I love imagining how Celtic warriors built their strongholds millennia ago in the place where I am standing in this very moment.
The path led us through a forest that is used as a cemetery. Don't know what it's like where you live but here it becomes more and more popular to get buried beneath a tree with nobody but nature taking care of and decorating your grave. I'm not even sure if there is a word for such a place in English but in German we call it a Peace Wood. I absolutely love the name as well as the idea of returning to nature in such a graceful and simple way.
We crossed an old baroque garden with its strictly symmetric shape that looked like it was slowly being conquered back by nature. After some tea and cake we started downhill again through the vineyards watching a spectacular sunset. We ended the evening at a great restaurant with dinner and some glasses of delicious wine from the vineyards we had been walking through all day.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Outfit: Name the place, I'll be there

Ethno print crop top: DealSale (App) Item no SV019583 ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat ~ Fringe jacket: Topshop ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper

Helllloooo fellow adventurers!
I'm really glad I can type this instead of talking to you guys because in fact you would hear... nothing. After a friend infected me with a cough (well, thanks a lot, Frank!) I completely lost my voice yesterday which makes it rather hard to communicate with other humans :D Gladly there are only few activities on my schedule this weekend that require a voice. I spent quite some time drawing on a tablet to finish the artwork for a computer game we're currently developing as a uni project. Drawing while having a cup of hot tea and listening to the audiobooks of my childhood reminded me so much of the early and mid-90s and made me feel super nostalgic and awesome - I really enjoyed it :) Yesterday I went on a full-day hike with my parents - there will be a post about it as I captured some beautiful scenery with my camera :)
Alright, now let's talk about this outfit. This colourful crop top is actually part of a set and came with shorts with the same print. I thought it would also go nicely with an all-black look though so I decided to split the two pieces up. It adds a little pop of colour to the look and the ethno print + faux leather combo creates quite a nice contrast as this probably wouldn't be the first combo that comes to mind when getting dressed. Now these pants are definitely my fav pants at the moment. I wanted to get faux leather pants for a long time and tried on a pair at H&M which didn't fit at all. I discovered these beauties at Coolcat in Amsterdam and it was love at first sight. I found quite a few other items there and it's a shame that they neither have stores in nor ship to Germany :( I was very surprised when I tried them on and at first I thought I had accidentially stumpled into the pregnancy section. I fit into the smallest size (that almost NEVER happens due to the very ridiculous sizing in many shops) and there was still room for food. I can actually eat food while wearing these pants. I know it's sad that I have to point this out as an outstanding feature but yeah... Coolcat got a massive thumbs up from me for their very realistic and ego-friendly sizing.
I chose my faux suede fringe jacket for this outfit for two reasons. Firstly, faux leather on faux leather often looks a little too much like motorcycle gear and secondly, the fringing goes so well with the ethno print of the crop top.

Alrighty, that's it for today lovelies! Hope you're having a fab weekend and don't forget to come back tomorrow! :3


Monday, 2 November 2015

Outfit: Clean slate

Tassled skirt: DealSale (App) Item no: CB035055 ~ Blouse: H&M ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M ~ Shoes: Salt & Pepper ~ Belt: vintage

Hey lovelies!
Hope you all had a fab Halloween :) I sure did hanging out with some of my very best friends enjoying some delicious burgers, attending a night market and ending the night at the movies :) After 4 days packed with fun and excitement (uni party, exhibition, party at a metal club, Halloween, my aunt's birthday...) it's time for some quiet and some outfit posts again :D I'm just really in the mood to go out there and do stuff at the moment as I feel nothing could ever kill my vibe :3
Alrighty, today's outfit is something I've been wearing a lot recently in different variations. When I created this outfit I stood in front of the mirror and thought... "Hey, maybe... I could do adult?". And maybe I can. With the B/W and the blouse the outfit looks kind of clean and grown-up and then again I couldn't resist adding some fun elements like the tassled skirt, the vintage belt and the distressed tights. That's probably as minimalist as a look created by me can ever get. I like its simplicity and still it's not boring. The whole outfit fits my current state of mind as I never before felt so... free and as if everything was simple and easy and made perfect sense. As if I'm calm and content on the outside while there's something huge and amazing going on within me <3

Have an amazing week adventurers!
Which version of the outfit do you like better? The one with or without the jacket?