Sunday, 7 February 2016

Outfit: Too cold outside for angels to fly

Snowflake sweater: Boylymia ~ Blouse: Wholesale7 ~ Lace shorts: CNDirect ~ Platform boots: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Oh wow! Finals week is over and I can't believe I'm actually gonna have a couple of weeks of free time now. I have heaps of plans like shooting a ton of looks, redecorating my entire apartment, hiking partying, traveling and all the other good stuff :)
In this look I'd love to show you another item from Boylymia (link's above) I got along with the hoodie dress I showed you recently. It's this super cute snowflake sweater and again the quality is really amazing. Also, the Boylymia items run very true to size which makes shopping there so much easier than in other online shops (I opted for a bit of a looser fit so I ordered a size M). What I love about this sweater is that although it has a snowflake print it still doesn't  look too cute or girly. It still fits in with a very clean monochrome look. I was lucky enough to get some snow the day I shot this to create the matching atmosphere. Snow has been a rare sight here this winter with temperatures as high as 14 ° C / 57 ° F. Not that I'm complaining :D
I paired the sweater with an asymmetric blouse unterneath. I absolutely love this combo as it makes a sweater look so much more interesting and adds a little warmth on cold days. I never intended to wear the lace shorts tbh :D I had worn them that day and when I changed to shoot this look I noticed that they'd go really well with the sweater :D So here we go :)

Alrighty everyone, stay tuned for heaps of new stuff! I love you guys - you are the best!


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