Thursday, 15 September 2016

Outfit: Into the wild

Round mandala print towel: Gamiss ~ Dreamcatcher necklace: Zaful ~ See-through blouse: H&M Divided ~ Book: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer

Oh wow, I'm back home after 6 days that felt like 6 weeks as they were packed with exciting new places, people and experiences. In case you wanna catch up on what happened feel free to check out my Instagram.
I really got some fresh inspiration during this trip so when I came back I started shooting this look for you guys :) Some of you might already have spotted this gorgeous dreamcatcher necklace on my Instagram. Usually I take pictures of new items before I actually start wearing them but I absolutely couldn't resist taking this beauty to the festival with me. Isn't it the perfect festival necklace?

Just can't get enough of dreamcatchers as they are the ultimate boho / gypsy / wanderlust / freedom symbol. To me it means that you should literally go out there and catch your dreams - be it a new lifestyle, a trip you've been planning for ages or your dream job. Go and get what makes your life happier! :)
The mandala towel / scarf is an item I wanted for a long time. I kept seeing it in those beautiful boho themed pictures and I always wanted to be one of those people who go to the park with a good book on a warm day with their mandala towel to sit on :D I love its gorgeous colors and you can also wear it as a scarf or beach cover up. Thumbs up for gorgeous multipurpose items!
I paired these two newbies with my beloved sheer black blouse. It's a perfect piece to just throw on on a warm summer day for those who think black is a fab summer color :3 It's a bit see-through but still not too much so you can still wear it even if you're not living by yourself in a trailer in the countryside :D Also, of course, with this dreamcatcher necklace and the mandala towel my purple flower crown had to make an appearance. I think it's time to invest in some new (autumn-y) flower crowns again... what do you think? I'm in the mood for it!


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