Sunday, 13 March 2016

Outfit: Your name rhymes with pain

Faux leather pants: Coolcat, similar here ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Daisy lace bralet: Dresslink ~ Platforms: Salt and Pepper, similar here ~ 3D printed bison skull choker: The Rogue + The Wolf

Hello lovely adventurers!
I'm usually not a huge fan of the faux leather pants + faux leather jacket combo as it tends to look like motorcycle gear. In this case however I thought it could work because I added this very delicate daisy lace bralet. I probably chose it because I really, really want summer. NOW :D When I went through my memories on Facebook I realized that two years ago it was already 20° C at this time of the year and we were having BBQs. I can't wait to wear this lace bralet without a warm jacket on top. Same goes for the sunglasses - I want to believe! :D
Leather and lace are always a great fabric combo as they are so different and therefore create some contrast while still balancing each other out. White lace plus black leather even enhances the effect.
Now let me draw your attention to the bison skull choker. This is one of my birthday presents I got from some very lovely friends and you might have seen it on my Instagram. What's special about it is that it's 3D printed and people always go crazy about it when I tell them. I also got another necklace and two rings and people simply can't stop touching them and asking questions about them :D As I'm a computer scientist and I'll probably be doing a 3D print project this semester myself I'm totally into this new kind of jewelry! You should definitely check out the website The Rogue + The Wolf and have a look at their really awesome and affordable designs.

Uni starts again this week.... meh, I still have so much stuff to do :D

Peace out!


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