Monday, 7 March 2016

Outfit: Silk and steel

Dress: Ever-Pretty ~ Platforms: Deichmann

Remember when I told you, the next outfit post's gonna be something a little special? :3 Well, here we go! I have theatre tickets for tomorrow and I thought I could share with you an outfit you can actually for a change even wear to the opera. Over the past years I acquired quite a lot of elegant pieces for occasions like this and this gown from Ever-Pretty is my newest addition to the collection. I am particularly picky when it comes to elegant dresses because they usually don't allow for my regular accessories like distressed tights, a hat, platforms boots etc. Hence they have to be an eye-catcher by themselves without being too over the top or looking like I'm trying too hard. Does this make any sense? :D What I love about this dress is that it is actually two pieces. When I saw it on the website it instantly caught my attention because I already sensed the versatility of this dress :D Piece no. 1 is a sparkly, short cocktail dress you could totally wear to the club. It's padded inside so you don't even need a bra underneath. You can still wear one though and it won't show - which is super awesome. The short dress becomes very elegant by adding the long, black see-through skirt. This black see-through skirt is probably also gonna be my best friend in summer when creating all those black boho/fairy/witchy/gypsy looks. All in all I just needed to get this dress, as there are so many options to wear the two seperate pieces. Of course I couldn't entirely refrain from wearing platforms but I chose the most elegant ones I own. I really can't (CAN'T!) walk in high heels so platforms will forever stay my bffs.
This dress probably would've gone well with a hat but there are too few occasions to wear flower crowns anyway. So I decided to go for the flowers to add a little extra pop of color.

Alrighty guys - let me know what you think! Would you pull this off at the theatre? What are you usually wearing for formal occasions?


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  1. I wrote a post on that last year. I'm into double layered skirt at the moment and wore one once to the theatre