Thursday, 9 June 2016

Outfit: Ice Age

Allison Futura wig: uniwigs ~ Platform heels: Salt & Pepper, similar here ~ Knit sweater & leggings: swapped
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D

There is no summer. Seriously, if the weather this year doesn't get better I could really kick myself for working all summer long last year and making plans to REALLY ENJOY this year's summer holidays -.- This really looks very much like a spontaneous Uber-Airbnb-trip to someplace south of the Alps is going to happen. So yep, leggings and knit it still is (admittedly it does get warmer than that during the day but especially when I leave for uni in the morning this is very temperature-appropriate). I went to a clothing swap event recently and I was excited but sceptical. I had been to awesome swap events in the UK but the one I attended here in Germany was pretty... meh. But this one turned out to be amazing. I found 15 (!) fantastic new items I had been looking for for ages (I almost bought a knit sweater like this one for 35 bucks the day before). I also found a black beanie that looked super cute and that I totally loved to wear with this outfit. You may ask: why isn't it in the picture then? Well. I actually LOST IT on the way to the shooting location (which is like 50 m from my place). I actually think someone stole it because there's no way I could've just lost it on this straight 50 m path. I walked those 50 m about 5 times to find it but it was simply GONE. I actually think I dropped it and someone must have picked it up mere seconds later because I instantly noticed it was gone. Instead of giving it back to me they must have just kept it. Seriously, what is wrong with people? So yeah, I had the beanie of my dreams for about a week, hooray. So this has been my (really cozy!) go-to outfit for the last week. Now that it's almost time for finals again and there's so much work to do I love outfits that are comfy enough to lounge around in at the computer but that are also suitable for doing everyday stuff, visiting my parents and so on :) I also think that (platform) heels make any outfit look less like pajamas and more like totally suitable everyday-wear :D

Have a great week, everybody!


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