Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Outfit: Summer wine

Burgundy velvet shirt dress: Zaful ~ Backpack: Zaful ~ Gemstone necklace: local market ~ Eclipse necklace: The rogue + The wolf ~ Platforms (old!): Demonia
Photos taken with Canon EOS 600D

The exams are getting closer and closer and there's so much work to do but as my Zaful order arrived yesterday I just had to show you these beauties :) The shirt dress as well as the backpack were two items I really literally needed. And by needed I don't mean 'wanted because pretty' but actually needed. As this summer isn't exactly the hottest one I've ever experienced I usually go for leggings and tights instead of shorts at the moment. Now I really didn't have enough mid-thigh-length tops to go with them but that's actually what I prefer to pair them with. They just have this laid-back effortless look to them, you can just throw them on and leave and the best part is: pants are optional :D So I decided to finally stock up on mid-thigh-length tops/dresses and the first one to arrive was this beautiful burgundy shirt dress from Zaful. It's so soft and comfy and runs very true to size (it's a size Small) - so glad I got it! But expect more mid-thigh tops and dresses to come - I ordered many :D I also ordered this backpack there because I'd been looking for a new backpack for ages. My trusty old backpack I bought 3 years ago is pretty much destroyed by now and its inner lining is a black hole that swallows keys and lip liners (and maybe elephants, aeroplanes and fellow humans, who knows...). So I REALLY had to get a new one and I loved the look of this backpack. It's the perfect size for all my everyday stuff and has so many extra pockets that'll help me stay organized (which is very necessary :D). You'll most definitely see this little guy in a billion other posts in the future as I'm such a backpack person.

Alrighty guys - what's your strategy to cope with this "summer"? :D


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  1. love the dark looks for summer!