Sunday, 8 November 2015

Outfit: Name the place, I'll be there

Ethno print crop top: DealSale (App) Item no SV019583 ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat ~ Fringe jacket: Topshop ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper

Helllloooo fellow adventurers!
I'm really glad I can type this instead of talking to you guys because in fact you would hear... nothing. After a friend infected me with a cough (well, thanks a lot, Frank!) I completely lost my voice yesterday which makes it rather hard to communicate with other humans :D Gladly there are only few activities on my schedule this weekend that require a voice. I spent quite some time drawing on a tablet to finish the artwork for a computer game we're currently developing as a uni project. Drawing while having a cup of hot tea and listening to the audiobooks of my childhood reminded me so much of the early and mid-90s and made me feel super nostalgic and awesome - I really enjoyed it :) Yesterday I went on a full-day hike with my parents - there will be a post about it as I captured some beautiful scenery with my camera :)
Alright, now let's talk about this outfit. This colourful crop top is actually part of a set and came with shorts with the same print. I thought it would also go nicely with an all-black look though so I decided to split the two pieces up. It adds a little pop of colour to the look and the ethno print + faux leather combo creates quite a nice contrast as this probably wouldn't be the first combo that comes to mind when getting dressed. Now these pants are definitely my fav pants at the moment. I wanted to get faux leather pants for a long time and tried on a pair at H&M which didn't fit at all. I discovered these beauties at Coolcat in Amsterdam and it was love at first sight. I found quite a few other items there and it's a shame that they neither have stores in nor ship to Germany :( I was very surprised when I tried them on and at first I thought I had accidentially stumpled into the pregnancy section. I fit into the smallest size (that almost NEVER happens due to the very ridiculous sizing in many shops) and there was still room for food. I can actually eat food while wearing these pants. I know it's sad that I have to point this out as an outstanding feature but yeah... Coolcat got a massive thumbs up from me for their very realistic and ego-friendly sizing.
I chose my faux suede fringe jacket for this outfit for two reasons. Firstly, faux leather on faux leather often looks a little too much like motorcycle gear and secondly, the fringing goes so well with the ethno print of the crop top.

Alrighty, that's it for today lovelies! Hope you're having a fab weekend and don't forget to come back tomorrow! :3


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