Monday, 9 November 2015

Adventure: Vineyards and foggy woods

Last weekend I went on a full-day hike with my parents through some beautiful autumn scenery. In the morning when we started walking the hilltops were still covered in fog. I absolutely love this weather as the blue-greyish background brings out the orange and yellow colour of the leaves a lot more. Although the sun wasn't shining the temparature was far too high for November in Germany (about 21 °C) so we were kind of confused about how to dress.
We walked up the hill through the beautiful yellow vineyards into the misty woods. Up there we walked around a small lake with an island in the middle which was actually an overgrown Celtic tower foundation. I love imagining how Celtic warriors built their strongholds millennia ago in the place where I am standing in this very moment.
The path led us through a forest that is used as a cemetery. Don't know what it's like where you live but here it becomes more and more popular to get buried beneath a tree with nobody but nature taking care of and decorating your grave. I'm not even sure if there is a word for such a place in English but in German we call it a Peace Wood. I absolutely love the name as well as the idea of returning to nature in such a graceful and simple way.
We crossed an old baroque garden with its strictly symmetric shape that looked like it was slowly being conquered back by nature. After some tea and cake we started downhill again through the vineyards watching a spectacular sunset. We ended the evening at a great restaurant with dinner and some glasses of delicious wine from the vineyards we had been walking through all day.

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