Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Outfit: You taught me everything I know

See-through bat wing top: Wholesalebuying ~ Tassled shorts: Boohoo ~ Bag: Estarer ~ Triangle necklace: PSAPPA ~ Leaf necklace: H&M ~ Boots: swapped

Hey adventurers!
So glad I'm actually getting this post up today! There's a lot of newness this week - every single item in the mail was a total knockout :3 I got this awesome black see-through bat wing top from Wholesalebuying and it's so gorgeous and impressive. I could instantly think of a hundred different ways to wear this all year round! It's one of those items that make me wonder - why didn't I get this earlier? It can easily be dressed up or down so it's also gonna be a hot candidate for a Christmas outfit. The tassled shorts were love at first sight over at Boohoo. They have fantastic stuff anyway and these babies just jumped right into my shopping cart... They fit in perfectly with the current fringe and 70s trend and are an eyecatcher without stealing too much attention from other items. And they're SO comfy and soft! And then of course... Estarer. I already have several Estarer bags (you can see them here and here) and they never disappoint me. Their items are amazing quality and always make me dream of outdoor adventures <3 I love the asymmetric shape of this bag, still nothing can fall out as there's an additional hidden zipper :) Good job, Estarer! Now the leaf neacklace is a very old piece from H&M (at least 6 years or something) while the triangle necklace is from the lovely little Etsy shop PSAPPA I told you about in this post.
I really felt like creating another black and brown look, simply to convince myself once and for all that this combo DOES work :D What do you think?

What else is new? Well, I'm going to delete my private Facebook account tomorrow. Don't worry, the official page will still be there and will still be updated as usual. But Facebook has really gone one step too far by starting to force people to send in private documents to "verify their identity". It already happened to several friends of mine, so I wasn't surprised when I got the message. I decided to try living without it now, really wondering what it'll be like. I'm really sick of them harvesting my data as if there was no right to a certain degree of privacy (especially for people who have a website or something like me). Well, real life here I come!


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