Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Outfit: Winter solstice

Asymmetric blouse: Wholesale7 ~ Belt: vintage ~ Pendulum necklace: Regalrose ~ Platform boots: Vagabond ~ Spider earring (see detail shot below!): Sammydress

Oh, wow. I'm sitting on my parents' couch in the coziest loungewear with a cup of tea and a slice of cake. FINALLY. The time before Christmas is always the most stressful and it feels like we have to earn the peace and quiet of the last week of the year first. I actually shot 4 outfits I wore recently but didn't even get around to uploading them. So there will be some newness - stay tuned :3
Let's start out with this asymmetric blouse/dress from Wholesale7. I'm absolutely in love with the black top & white collar combo and I own several other pieces combining these two elements. I like how it looks a bit formal, a bit innocent and a bit witchy. This mix of styles makes this blouse a very versatile item that could be worn to a job interview as well as to a gothic themed party. The blouse is just a little too short to be worn as a dress but in cases like this I usually just wear a plain black skirt or pair of shorts underneath to make sure nobody can see anything they're not supposed to see :D
My black and white Vagabond platforms were the obvious perfect match for the blouse. Also, I'm a huge fan of pairing this kind of top with fishnet tights as they spice up the rather conservative look. I also added another awesome witchy detail:

Spider earring: Sammydress

When I found this cute spider earring on Sammydress' website I just had to get it :D It's awesome for that little shock moment as it really looks like a spider crawling through your ear :D It adds even more witchy vibes to the look.

As for the title of this look - finally the days are getting longer again. Shooting looks always becomes quite a bit of a challenge in winter with so little daylight. I miss the endless hot summer days when I could still go out and take photos at 9 pm. But yeah... CHRISTMAS! :D
Alright everyone, enjoy this very special time of the year and have some great/fun/quiet days with your loved ones. What are your plans for Christmas? As every year I'll spend a couple of days in a spa with my family between Christmas and NYE. So watch my Instagram for all the holiday snapshots :)



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