Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Outfit: Last night I sang to the monster

Boho blouse: Dresslink ~ Coin necklace: Wholesalebuying ~ Faux leather pants: Coolcat ~ Faux fur jacket: Dresslink

This is more of a late-autumn outfit than a Christmas-y outfit because that's what the weather is currently like here. It was actually quite warm (up to 14° C) during the last couple of days and got a little colder now but we're still far from a white Christmas. Late autumn is just the right time to pair some Boho vibes with some warm faux fur. I already showed you my new faux fur jacket in my last post and it's my everyday companion at the moment due to its coziness and fluffy fabric. When I got the blouse I wasn't sure whether to be happy or sad about it. It is super gorgeous and comfy and has a beautiful colourful boho print. But it's such a summer item. It instantly made me dream of summer nights by the campfire again and those thoughts tend to tear me apart a bit :D I thought "f... it" though and created this outfit adding another very boho inspired item - the coin necklace. I never had a necklace like this one before so when I saw it on the website I just went for it and I'm already in love :) You already know the pants - they're my favs from Coolcat and I will wear them forever and a day. Absolutely can't wait to go back to that store in Amsterdam *.*

What are you guys up to during this very special time before Christmas? Surprisingly enough I'm actually studying kind of hard at the moment but there are also so so many events coming up like uni parties, Christmas parties and a vintage market next week. So excited (: