Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Outfit: Dipped in venom

Snake dress: Oshun Attire ~ Faux fur jacket: Dresslink ~ Platforms boots: Salt & Pepper

Hi everybody!
December is really the worst time for fashion bloggers with only a couple of hours of daylight to shoot looks and heaps of rain and snow that often make it close to impossible to leave the house in clothes that look somewhat decent :D I made it though! So I can finally show you this absolutely gorgeous snake dress from Oshun Attire. They're a fashion brand from Pakistan and I instantly fell in love with their concept the first time I came across their website. They put so much love and effort into making their products like embellishing them by hand etc. So for this look I'm wearing this stunning light dress with a super cute stitched snake detail (for detail picture see below). Of course it's too cold for wearing just the dress at the moment so I paired it with a short faux fur jacket. I wanted one for a very long time and I'm so glad it arrived just in time for winter. I'll have lots of visits to the theatre and opera coming up during the next couple of months and those two are sure gonna be my trusty companions :) They're a great combo for all those occasions when I wanna be warm outdoors but all festive indoors :)

I got heaps of new stuff this week - stay tuned guys :)


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