Friday, 8 January 2016

Outfit: The dying light

Half moon dress: Sammydress ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M (old), similar here ~ Platforms: River Island (second hand)

Hey everyone!
Surprise quiz! What did I say about black dresses in my last post? Exactly, you can never have enough of them! :D I generally love moon (sun / stars / galaxy) prints so this dress was love at first sight. It took me quite a while to get it though. But what can I say? The fabric is so soft and it just fits as if I were born in it. This piece is a total keeper! My fav way to wear this dress is definitely an all black look, maybe with some grey and white elements. Why? It just seems to make sense as the dress depicts a night scene and there are hardly any colours at night. I don't know, things like that sometimes just come to my mind when I look at clothes. I could also imagine this dress to look good with a deep burgundy red or a dark blue but for some mysterious reason the moon print completely eliminates all shades of brown as a possible match. If you'd like to prove me wrong - please do! :) So I decided to stick with black and made this outfit a combo you can't go wrong with - just throw on your fav (faux) leather jacket, put on a pair of thigh highs for some warmth and walk out the door in your comfiest platforms ready to take over the world :) I got these babes from River Island second hand at a market recently along with another pair from asos - they were such a bargain and I love them to bits!
I'm totally gonna wear this look over and over again - I love its witchy vibes :3

Peace out

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