Saturday, 9 January 2016

Inspiration: V-Day is coming!

Yep. Soon it’s gonna be that day of the year again. And if truth be told – I’ve never even been a huge fan of it. Hearts and flowers and love songs everywhere. Guys lining up at the florist’s to get that bunch of roses simply because it’s Feb 14th. Do we really need a fixed day to show our love? Well, I guess no. And yes. It feels like sometimes we need a little reminder not to take the good things and the lovely people in our lives for granted. Just a little reminder that there are 365 other days this year that are just as perfect to show our loved ones how much we value having them in our lives. And let’s also not forget the most important part – love is not only for others. First and foremost we should always remember to love ourselves, be good to ourselves and treat ourselves kindly. I sometimes can’t believe how hard that is for many people (including myself). So no matter what you’re up to on V-Day – whether you spend this day by yourself or with someone else, whether you spend it rock-climbing, eating out or lounging about in your pyjamas  - don’t let anyone (not even me) tell you what V-Day is or isn’t. It’s what you make it :)
So I thought I’d share with you a couple of V-Day ideas – all very different, very February-proof and right in time to get them until Mid-Feb :) Hope you enjoy!

Occasion: V-Date


Occasion: Out and about

Occasion: Cozy on a cold day

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