Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Outfit: Purple rain

Allison Futura wig: uniwigs ~ Lace collar: local market ~ Eclipse necklace and rings: The rogue + The wolf ~ Bracelets: Rings&Tings ~ Velvet crop top (old): Urban Outfitters ~ See-through skirt: Ever-Pretty ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

Alright, well, I kind of spoiled it in the item list that this isn't my real hair :P I've been interested in getting a wig for quite a while simply because my natural hair is super long and a color experiment gone wrong can ruin about 7 years of grooming them and letting them grow. Then again, I was always so sceptical as I figured wigs might look very unnatural and simply not believable. (There's this weird shop at the train station in my hometown that has the weirdest wigs and they never seem to get new ones in for at least the last 20 years... So that was what wigs looked like in my head until very recently.)
When I had a look at the uniwigs website though I realized that there are super awesome and natural looking wigs as well and I decided to give it a try. I was sold on this blond-purpleish one called Allison Futura the instant I saw it. My main problem had always been that I couldn't find a wig that was... me. They never really matched my style and personality. But as you might or might not remember I had a red-purpleish ombre hairstyle back in 2013 so this purple ombre looked exactly like something I would actually do to my real hair.
When it arrived I was so excited but still a bit scared if it would really look good on me. I'll let the photos speak for themselves but I actually have to admit I liked my image in the mirror better with the wig simply because it always looks like you came straight from the hairdresser. The color is perfect, no split ends, no tangles and knots. I then put it to the test and sent my friends a selfie. They were super surprised but thought it looked awesome and that it was totally me. Nobody guessed it wasn't my real hair. What stunned me the most though was that you can't tell that there are about 80 cm (~ 32 inches) of real hair underneath. I simply made a ponytail with a "loop" (you know, when you don't pull the hair through the hair tie entirely), no hairpins or additional work involved.
As the new hair color gives me an entirely new look I have now the opportunity to experiment with new outfits as well. For the first one I decided to go for a mainly black witchy style with a black velvet crop top, the lace collar I showed you on my Instagram recently and the see-through skirt from Ever-Pretty I wore with a cocktail dress in March. All-black looks are destined to be worn with the wig but I will keep experimenting to find out what I can do with this new hairstyle & color - so stay tuned :)

What do you guys think - blond&purple, yay or nay? Do you have a wig or would you get one? Which style would you go for?


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