Sunday, 1 May 2016

Outfit: Talk is cheap

Black and white dress: not in stores yet ~ Platform sandals: River Island ~ 3D printed eclipse necklace: The Rogue + The Wolf

I wore this dress for a model job recently and the very moment I put it on I loved it. I never owned a dress like this one before and I never would've thought it could suit me. However, it looks kinda good. Sometimes I love to wear pieces like this one and pretend I'm an adult :D No, seriously, it has such an elegant, timeless, grown-up look to it. With the hat it makes me feel like a lady attending a horse race or a game of polo on a lovely spring day.
I paired it with some platform sandals to elongate the legs. This is important with this dress as it hugs the body very tightly so heels can make all the difference between having hourglass curves and just looking short and chubby.
I also put on one of my very fav necklaces, which is this crescent moon necklace from The Rogue + The Wolf. Can't wait to wear this dress out on the next formal occasion :)

This week was pretty stressful hence the lack of updates. I won't be at home most of the time next week so I pretty much had to get my to dos of two weeks done in just one week. This includes several uni projects, work and booking airbnbs for next week. Of course I also caught a cold (because we're living in a Ice Age here at the moment) and of course there's the new season of Game of Thrones which might not seem like such a priority for many but... ... ... real fans will understand :D

Alrighty, watch my Instagram next week to get some updates on what's going on!



  1. You look stunning ;)

  2. The dress looks absolutely amazing on you! I have that eclipse necklace as well!

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