Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Outfit: Let me know - is your heart still beating?

Tassle dress: ACEVOG ~ Long cardigan: second hand ~ Boots: swapped ~ Tassle bag: Sammydress ~ Choker: Dresslink ~ Eclipse necklace: The rogue + The wolf

Back from the dead with my FAV (!!!) outfit of the past few months. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this was my most-worn outfit until very recently (when spring finally decided to make a move). When I shot this look a couple of days ago it was still very weather-appropriate and I was initially planning to name the look "Ice Age" :D
So let's get right into it: the tassle dress (link above) is such a lifesaver and an item I desperately needed. You might ask why as I only have about 84527495521 black dresses already. I'll tell you :D It's the perfect dress to look stylish and be super comfy at the same time. I ordered a size M as I really opted for a loose fit that doesn't cling to the body. With the loose fit and the midi-length it's definitely a lot more on the cool and laid-back rather than the sexy side. Although dresses would usually not be your go-to items if you wanna be comfy this one definitely is! Also, it's perfect for weather that's neither hot nor cold due to its length and the various layering options here. What's more: I'm usually not a fan of midi-length dresses as they tend to make me look short (I'm not tall. No, seriously, I'm not.) but not this one. With those tassles it has a very flowy look to it that completely prevents the unfortunate-length-short-legs-syndrom (I have to come up with a shorter name for that.). Also, the tassles look super cute and give the whole outfit an instant boho twist :) I immediately thought of pairing it with my little wild west tassle bag which is such a fav of mine as well. I added a long cardigan I bought second hand at a market this winter for literally almost no money. This was such a lucky find as it really kept me alive during the cold season. The boots I got at a swap event last year and I've been wearing them countless times ever since. And although black + brown is one of the trickiest color combos I simply can't get enough of it. Once you've figured out how to do it it opens up so many new outfit possibilities.

Wow, this post is kinda long already. I guess it would be smart to actually write an extra post to talk about last week's adventures that included Virtual Reality rollercoasters, video games and heaps of food :) Stay tuned guys!

Have an awesome week xx

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