Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Outfit: Something strangely poetic

Flare sleeve crop top: Dresslink ~ Lace shorts: CNDirect ~ Kitty purrrse: H&M ~ Platform sandals: River Island

I'm very excited about the comeback of flare sleeves. I used to wear them a lot 10-15 years ago and I was absolutely in love with them. I'm totally gonna wear them again now that you can actually buy them again :) These lace shorts have become one of my favourite items as they are so so versatile. You can wear them by themselves, to the beach or pool, with cute tights or even under a dress or skirt. They are extremely comfy but not boring due to the lace detail.
I have no idea where the see-through polka dot socks came from. They somehow just appeared in my wardrobe but I love them :D They go very well with my River Island platform sandals.
All in all this look is very comfy and ideal for summer days but still stylish enough to go out and turn heads :)


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