Monday, 31 August 2015

Outfit: ...and only your face in the crowd

Daisy lace bralet: Dresslink ~ Round sunglasses: Dresslink ~ Lace kimono: Dresslink ~ High waist jeans (DIY distressed): H&M ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

I had my eyes on this daisy lace bralet for such a long time. It immediately caught my attention but I wasn't sure how to wear it and I still kind of have to explore this :)
As you know my general mantra is that no outfit is complete without a bit of contrast or some kind of tension. That's why I paired lace with distressed denim and white and yellow with black and grey. Wearing lace tights underneath these distressed jeans is my favourite thing to do. Everyone is wearing distressed denim at the moment but the lace tights underneath just give it that little extra girly, playful twist.
I'm surprised and amazed. If someone told me they were gonna wear a lace top with a lace kimono and lace tights I would probably go like "Errr are you sure about this? Seems like an aweful lot of lace." But for some mysterious reason this material doesn't seem to dominate the outfit and it really looks well-balanced. Curious :D

Actually I can't wait to wear this outfit again but it's still so freakishly hot here that wearing clothes is just not an option.


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