Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Outfit: Song of the sky

Aurora print crop top: CNDirect ~ Distressed high waist shorts: Dresslink ~ See through kimono: H&M ~ Platforms with iridescent toecaps: Vagabond

In the late 90s and early 2000s I was pretty obsessed with digital artwork. It appeared almost magical to me that it allowed people to create the most amazing landscapes and skies that didn't even exist in the real world. My favourite piece of digital artwork was DigitalBlasphemy's "Song of the sky" with its peaceful landscape, its starry sky and stunning aurora.

Song of the sky

So when I spotted this printed crop top 15 years later I couldn't resist. It reminded me so much of sitting and staring in awe at the digitally created sky. A top like this one needs room to shine so I decided to pair it with an all black outfit including my beloved distressed high waist shorts and see-through kimono. The shoes are my beloved Vagabonds with the iridescent toecap. When the light's shining on them the iridescent material seems to mirror the aurora from the crop top :3


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