Monday, 31 August 2015

Outfit: Hero 'til the end of the night

Plaid shirt: CNDirect ~ Flash tattoos: StyleMoi ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

May I introduce you to my most-worn item this summer: this fantastic blue-green plaid shirt :) As the summer was (and still is) unusually hot I actually preferred not to wear clothes at all :D In some situations it seemed necessary though so I just threw on this shirt. It has this effortless just-out-of-bed feel that is perfect for the summer holidays :) The shirt was also my loyal companion on my trip to Prague and during those long summer nights spent outside chatting and laughing and playing Cards Against Humanity. Following the age-old mantra "no pants - no problem" I decided to wear shorts so short that you can't see them :D It's just a good idea to wear them anyway in case you wanna sit down or something.
Another obsession of mine are flash tattoos. Remember those amazing little pictures from the 90s you had to press to your skin and then wet them with a washcloth? Yep, they're back :D Despite the fact that they're cool and easy to apply I'm currently using them to figure out what kind of tattoo(s) I'd like to get and where. Because I totally want tattoos, I just can't decide. This gorgeous feather tattoo really made me want a tattoo near the collar bone <3


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