Thursday, 17 September 2015

Jewelry: PSAPPA

So a while ago these eagerly awaited little packages from the up-and-coming Etsy shop PSAPPA were in the mail. I mean seriously guys - isn't this the most beautiful packaging you've ever seen in your life? When I looked at these carefully wrapped envelopes with their fleur-de-lys wax seals I knew one thing for sure: there are very few shops in this world where products are made with so much love. So if you'd like to get yourself something really unique or if you're looking for a gift for someone you really care about you should read on :)

So what's inside?

PSAPPA offers amazing hand-made eco-friendly jewelry made from natural materials like rocks, animal bones or teeth. Don't worry, no animals are harmed - they're made from outdoor finds. This also means that every piece you get at the shop is unique and there's no other like it in the world. So if you're, like me, a bit bored of what you can buy in your regular stores around town the Etsy shop is well worth a visit. If you're intending to get a gift for a loved one you can be sure to get something extraordinary in the most beautiful gift-wrapping.
I personally think that the jewelry is perfect to complement an autumn outfit. As you can see in the picture above one of my fav ways to style my new necklace is pairing it with ruffles or lace. The delicate lace and the raw natural material create the most beautiful contrast that just makes you dream of foggy autumn mornings in the mountains <3
Other pieces from the shop go so well with the current fringe trend. They would make the perfect accessories for a western inspired outfit, wouldn't they? :)

Alrighty nature and jewelry lovers out there - in case you'll get or already got something at PSAPPA please let me know what you think and send pictures of your unique pieces if you like!


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