Saturday, 19 September 2015

Outfit: Distant whispers of spring

Playsuit: CNDirect ~ Feather watch: DressIn ~ Boots: Vagabond ~ Jewelry: old

Yeah I'm not living in the southern hemisphere (anymore) and yeah I'm totally aware that autumn is about to start but I'm one of those people who simply refuse to believe it :D I really just felt like doing this. You might remember what I told you about jumpsuits recently... about them being a pain in the a** when you have to go to the bathroom etc etc... ... ... So say hello to the newest addition to my fast-growing jumpsuit collection :D This specimen is so insanely comfy I felt like I was born in it. I can't stress enough how you can simply throw a jumpsuit on and leave and still look put together. And I mean seriously... look at the lace *.* The blue-purple-pinkish colour combo is just perfection. When I tried this jumpsuit on for the first time I just thought... how about YES?! That's what it should always feel like when trying on something new. Then you'll know this piece really earns its spot in your wardrobe.
Now although I usually don't need a watch (we all look at our phones, right?) I like to wear one as a fashion accessory. So when I saw this white one with colourful feathers it was love at first sight. I can't wait to pair it with heaps of boho outfits!
I know it's kind of unusual for me to wear such a non-black outfit. But as there was no black in the jumpsuit as the main piece I didn't want to weigh the outfit down unnecessarily by adding a whole lot of black around it. So I chose my mainly-white-and-just-a-little-bit-of-black Vagabond boots and my trusty hat. That was the moment when I really wished I had a white hat. I'm totally gonna pursue this idea.

Have the most awesome weekend everyone!


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