Sunday, 3 April 2016

Jewelry: Spring awakening

Hey lovelies!

I'm really excited for this post :) During the last week I was lucky enough to capture the transition from winter to spring with my camera while shooting some gorgeous new additions to my jewelry collection from MadamLili. They have the most awesome nature inspired jewelry and even items with real plants, seeds and flowers. And aren't those just the perfect accessories for spring?
So let me show you all those beautiful gems :)

I instantly fell in love with this agate-amethyst necklace. It's the perfect mixture of nature inspired and witchy and therefore it's the perfect companion for girls like me who are never sure whether they're a goth or a gypsy ;) Also, I love that it's real 925 Sterling Silver and super high quality <3

I topped off the outfit with this stunning subtle bracelet. Quite recently I noticed that I really don't have a wide range of bracelets although I actually like them. The reason I got this one is that it's super beautiful without screaming for attention. I like the feminine and grown-up look it has to it. Because of its subtlety it's an everyday piece as well as an accessory for more elegant attire.

These are real actual seeds! I absolutely love how much effort the people at MadamLili must have put into making jewelry from a material as delicate as this. When I look at this pendant it feels like I can see the dendalion seeds dancing through the spring air :) Doesn't this make you dream of picnics and walking barefoot through the grass? I also love that black absolutely isn't the obvious choice for a background color here. But it matches all my clothes :3

This is a bit of a premiere for me as I don't think I owned any Asian inspired jewelry before. For some mysterious reason this necklace instantly reminded me of Rei Hino from Sailor Moon. Somehow I thought this would be something she'd wear :) It's such an eyecatcher when worn with a black top - it really spices up any plain monochrome outfit!

This necklace is another favorite of mine from this haul. With this piece of moss enshrined in a necklace I can carry a piece of nature wherever I go :) It also reminds me of both a pocket watch and one of these hypnosis pendulums (is that what you call them?) - which makes the necklace look even more magical. There will definitely be an outfit post featuring this beauty as it's not necessarily just a spring item.

When I went for a walk last week on the first warm day this year I also spotted the very first tree in full bloom (it was actually the one in the picture :D). It must have looked like I was trying to inhale the blossoms but I was so happy that after this rather long winter spring is really finally happening. Unfortunately I can't and shouldn't wear the tree as jewelry but I got matching earrings! I usually wear rather plain earrings as long ones would get caught in my hair, especially when it's super windy like on the day these pictures were taken. So these flower earrings are the perfect choice as they super practical while totally getting me in the spring mood und looking super cute!

What do you guys think? Which item is your fav? If you're interested in getting these beautiful nature inspired pieces check out MadamLili's website. Also, at the moment you can get a free pair of earrings with your order over 25 € (until April 5th!).

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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