Saturday, 9 April 2016

Outfit: You're the real thing

Crop hoodie: H&M (old) ~ Distressed boyfriend jeans: Ann Christine ~ Platform boots: asos, similar here ~ Kitty purse: H&M (old)

This look has a lot of personal meaning to me. A while ago I may have told you about ripped-jeans-guy, a lecturer at my uni I've been crushing on for at least a billion years. He got me obsessed with distressed denim and after quite some time he is back in my life now. So I somehow felt like creating an outfit that looked like... him (yeah, this is super weird but me being in love is such a rare phenomenon. No clue how to deal with this :D ). It was always hard for me to find the perfect distressed boyfriend jeans though. So when I saw my friend Claudia wear this beauty this week I just needed to get it. I'm a huge fan of boyfriend jeans with lace tights underneath because they give them an unexptected feminine twist. The crop hoodie I got last year at H&M in Amsterdam and I love how it's super short but still covers the hands. I added some platforms (so my legs wouldn't look too short in those pants) and my kitty purse which always looks cute and badass at the same time (just like a real cat). This is totally gonna be one of my "go-to looks" that'll always work for everyday life like uni or hanging out with friends.

Have the most amazing weekend, fellow adventurers!


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