Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Outfit & jewelry: What if tomorrow never comes

Triangle Necklace: Rings & Tings ~ Bracelets: Rings & Tings ~ White dress: SheIn ~ Belt: vintage ~ Faux leather jacket: H&M, similar here ~ Lace collar: DIY ~ Socks: Topshop ~ Platforms: Salt & Pepper, similar here

Okay guys, so this time everything's a little different: I guess usually you would put an outfit together and then decide how to accessorize it. With this outfit it was the other way round though. I got the jewelry pieces of my dreams at Rings & Tings recently (seriously, wait until you see the detail shots) and I just don't want to take them off anymore. So I thought hey... what would be the perfect outfit to go with these beautiful gems? And I came up with this look :)
I got a necklace, three bracelets and a ring there and they all have a black and/or silver color. That doesn't only make them the perfect accessories for a black and white look but it also means you can actually even wear them all at once and it looks simply amazing :)
So here they are...

Absolutely love the simple geometric structure of this necklace. It goes with absolutely everything! In this outfit I tried to create some contrast by pairing the triangle necklace with its strict lines with a delicate lace collar.

Now I wanted to get a spike ring like this for ages. As a computer science student most of the time I'm amongst guys, so the brofist is the standard way of greeting someone, In 9 out of 10 cases that's fine. And then there are those who just have to go overboard. But not anymore... Plus it simply looks super badass.

First of all - yep, my wrist is tiny and very scary. It's a genetic thing - we have this super skinny wrist family trait (thanks, Dad). But more importantly I have this super awesome faux leather bracelet <3 I love how it goes around the arm twice and has all those different details to it. It's one of those go-to pieces you can always grab to spice up any outfit within seconds.

High definition phone cameras are awesome but sometimes they capture more than we actually wanna see - like my goosebumps here telling the story of how f...reezing cold it is in Germany at the moment... Anyway. About 14 years ago I saw Avril Lavigne wear a similar belt bracelet and I totally wanted one. Yeah, it really took me 14 years to get one. But good things come to those who wait, right? :D I absolutely love how it looks like 5 bracelets and it also goes with A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!
And then there's this crescent moon bracelet. It was love at first sight as I absolutely love everything that has a moon shape or print. I'm actually surprised I didn't get it earlier :D I love to wear it with the belt bracelet to mix some different materials.

Now what do you think guys? Which item's your fave?


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