Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Outfit: I want goodness, I want sin

Dress: see text below ~ Platform sandals: River Island

Well guys, the good news is: I have this dress. It was a photography/model job so unfortunately the dress is not available in stores yet. But I got to keep it and I can't get over how pretty it is. I went to the theatre with my friends yesterday and I just HAD to wear it although the location didn't even require fancy attire this time :D With this dress less is definitely more. The gold lace against the black fabric is such an eye-catcher all by itself. I just paired it with a pair of black platform heels (sandals for the first time this year - yeah-ha!), a necklace and my hat. Also, not in the picture, my black kitty cat purse you are already familiar with :) As I stated a couple of times before - you can never have enough black dresses, right?
Now the bad news is: you don't even look that fancy in a fancy dress if you can't move your head acting like a swan that tied a knot into its neck. No idea what happened but I woke up with a completely stiff neck yesterday. The doctor prescribed me 10 massage sessions. Maybe it's not even that bad... ;)


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