Friday, 24 July 2015

Outfit: We're all mad here

Cat t-shirt: Brat&Suzie ~ Black skirt: H&M ~ See-through skirt: Topshop ~ Kitty purse: H&M ~ Kitty velvet choker: Etsy ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann ~ Kitty cat: not for sale

Today I have the honor of introducing you to my cute little shooting partner who turned out to be a very talented and patient model :3
For a very long time I was very much against those “XY made me do it” prints. I just saw them way too often and most of them just bored me. Yep, we all got that Coco made you do it - can we just move on now? Then I saw this one and changed my mind. Just because this cute little fellow really has the ability to make me do things I wouldn’t do for anyone else. It’s some kind of magic power cats possess naturally I guess :D Anyway, this lovely t-shirt is from and I guess it’s a must-have for cat-lovers like myself.
I decided to follow through with the cat lady theme and paired it with two (!) witchy skirts, a hat and, of course,with my muchly loved kitty purse and kitty velvet choker. Still, with this colourful print t-shirt the outfit doesn’t look too dark or serious.


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