Thursday, 23 July 2015

Outfit: Cat of the Canals

Distressed cat jumper: Dresslink ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Iridescent platforms: Vagabond

I wanted to get this distressed kitty sweater for such a long time (I'm a total cat person) and I absolutely don't regret it. It's super light and therefore the perfect choice for spring and autumn days, cool summer mornings/nights or cloudy days. Absolutely love the distressed details as they make the whole item just a little bit more interesting. The Vagabond shoes with iridescent toecaps were love at first sight. I went to a store with a friend who wanted to get some sandals and I wasn't intending to buy anything. (It always starts like this... :D) Then I saw these babies. I told myself that it's early summer and therefore far too warm for them. I told myself that I already have several pairs of similar shoes but...  to no avail. I tried them on and they looked as if I were born in them. They were also 30% off. The staff laughed about me and my moral dilemma but yeah... here I am wearing them and they're just perfect. They also go very well with my beloved ruffled socks from Topshop that just add a little extra to plain tights.


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