Friday, 24 July 2015

Outfit: What's killing us inside

Bitch craft crop top; Killstar ~ School girl skirt: DIY ~ Backpack: Tally Weijl ~ Ruffled socks: Topshop ~ Platform sandals: Deichmann

I had been obsessing over this Bitch craft crop top for a long time when I finally got it in the Black Friday sale at Killstar. Rebelcircus shared this outfit on their Instagram captioning it with: "Bitchcraft - the art of pissing people off while smiling sweetly." I really liked this :D I would love to wear this top far more often but then again I'm always unsure if people in Germany will get the pun. They will probably just read "bitch". Of course a top that says bitchcraft has to be paired with the most innocent school girl skirt and white ruffled socks. And they have to be paired with distressed tights and platform heels. As you guys know I'm the biggest fan of clashing different styles. The skirt was a DIY project of mum and me - we've been sewing heaps of skirts together. My mum even has a stencil that says  "Liza skirt" :D


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